Daily Magic with Water – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Water is the best way to start and end the day. A cup of warm water is opening up, cleaning and awakening your body. If you prefer cold water feel free, it can be very refreshing. It is important to learn to listen to your body and what it prefers.

You can turn this into your morning and evening ritual; sitting down with the water. You can sit down to the sunrise or in front of a window with view, or on your balcony or terrace or just in front of an open window with your water. Breathe in a few times as you hold the water between your fingers and imagine you breathe in vitality from the air. As you breathe out, imagine it radiates from the lungs through your arms into the glass of water.
When you feel ready you drink it as an elixir of eternal life, enjoy every drop as if it was the most precious fluid existing and you will feel the magic it does to you.

Nothing is as refreshing as a bath or a shower. Why not add the magic to it too? Something becomes magic or powerful when you align your spirit, your mind, emotions and actions towards the same goal (Read more about: How to perform magic). As you shower imagine or should I rather say remember or realize that water is much more than chemistry. From a spiritual perspective water is the manifestation of spiritual beings, it is regarded as a direct manifestation or embodiment of specific spiritual qualities. Imagine this qualities not only purifying your body but also your soul, your thinking and feelings.
Picture attribution: José Manuel Suárez

Water connects everything, and from a spiritual perspective it is a mediator of the universal Soul, the universal Mother. In the bible it says that God in the beginning created heaven and earth. The word heaven Shamain can be translated as the waters of the entire universe, the waters of God, the exalted waters or shining waters or even waters of the holy ghost. Imagine a spiritual substance penetrating and connecting everything as a network or spiritual electro magnetic field if you like; when you thing about the spiritual soul. Waters reflects that quality here on earth. It is its embodiment.

When you have a glass or bowl of water you can connect to everything in the universe much easier, it is like being online through the universal soul. As you develop your sensitivity you feel the connection, while most people today are completely closed off to the more subtle reality as they are stuck in the material world or escape into the virtual world (See Which world are you living in)

The old Indians perceived the spirit of a lake or a river and sometimes the advice of the medicine man could be to stay in that water for 24 hours to connect with the specific qualities of a specific river or lake. That could be what it would take to realize something as the next step towards cure or mastering (Read more about Health and your potential to evolve).

Watching and listening to running water, a waterfall or spring strengthens your solar plexus. You can feel a strong attraction to the running water in nature and instinctually know it is healing, cleansing and purifying. So much so that you just need to taste it. This instinct is the reason for the big industry selling mineral waters from different wells and natural water sources.

A spring of water is a place animals and humans go to again and again. It is a magic quality of this generous, always giving source.  A magic quality, that keeps it pure by its continuous stream welling up. It is a symbol of what we could do our selves in our lives by giving and giving of our selves. A symbol on how to leaves us self always clean and fresh. To use the spring as a model and never stop loving despite all that happens prevents you from stagnation and getting stuck.

The secret magic of water is how it purifies, re-connects you with the source. It dissolves us where we are stuck and cleanses the sedimentation in our body and soul. Remember the magic of water!

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