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You are Unique.
Think about a piece of Amber.

The most valuable pieces of Amber have little inclusions.

Now think about yourself, you have little inclusions but have you detached yourself from those.

Your uniqueness comes from every single aspect of you.

Every part of you is beautiful, special, important, essential…

You are amazing, when you are being true to your whole self.

Yes, every aspect of you.

Be true to you, be true to your feelings, be true to your heart.

Don’t be affected by others.

You are the only one who can live your life; no one can live it for you and you shouldn’t be trying to live your life to please others.

Let them live their life, you live yours.

And are you LIVING your life or are you just existing?

Live it. Let yourself experience, let yourself grow, let yourself have fun and laughter; challenge yourself.

Yes, Life is meant to be a challenge and you can gain so much from those challenges, if you let yourself.

You are amazing, let yourself be the amazing, unique, special Being that You are and you will truly bring something beautiful to the world.

Amber falls under Crystals but Amber isn’t a crystal at all; Amber is petrified tree resin.

Amber is unique, totally unique in the crystal world but it isn’t the only one that is in the crystals and isn’t a crystal; Mother of Pearl, Pearls, Jet & Coral, none of those are actual crystals, yet they still fall under crystals.

You are a unique human being and beautiful for your differences.

What lies within all is Love, each of you are made from Love, your core is Love and it is important that the first Love you have is for yourself in your entirety, including your little inclusions.

They are an essential aspect of You, not to be hidden but to be shown to the world and valued.

You are Amazing, let yourself believe that



Via Sara Jane

Dendra shares some Wisdom with You

She Guards over the Crystal Amber


Dendra was the first of the Crystal’s Dragons to give me her name.

It was only much later once I had researched and been given the information for the book “Crystals with a Twist” and worked out my own true Birth Crystals that I understood why.

My main Birth Crystal is Amber.

For more information about the E-book and Crystal Birth Charts:

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