Determined to Establish Olympus on Earth: Part III of Gilbert Gallo’s Epic Interview – by Hercules Invictus

Guest Starring co-author Charles White, Special Appearance by Aaron T. Huss
The Erymanthian Boar is indeed delicious! Gilbert and Aaron are a great hit with the crowd on Mount Olympus. Aaron informs us that he must leave to fulfill one of his many creative, visionary and decision-making responsibilities. It turns out that Gilbert also has other commitments. Aaron fades from view, and I seize the opportunity to ask Gilbert a few more questions whilst his chariot is being prepared.


Hercules: Before we part ways… What can you tell us about Olympus Inc?

Gilbert: Olympus Inc. is a modern-fantasy setting that mixes the epic of the Greek Mythology with a cyberpunk mood and attitude. We call it “Olympunk”. In a world that appears identical to our own, the Titans of myth have deposed the upstart Olympians and now rule the heavens. But Zeus and the other gods of Olympus have found a new way to harvest the power of worship—through mankind’s love of money! Step into a world of shadowy politics, satyr cyber-raiders, demigods, and an ongoing clandestine war for control of the firmament.

Hercules: How can one incarnate into this new world?

Gilbert: In Olympus Inc. you play as a Demigod who has some divine genes in his DNA and suddenly “awakens” his/her divine powers. You can either be a:

Paragon Demigod (a.k.a. the golden-ichored): the purest bloodline. You descend from a single Olympian bloodline or a certain Olympian bloodline is predominant in your genes. You manifest very powerful powers chosen from a very limited list that represent your divine ancestor’s areas of influence. Alas, this means you will have also the defects/hindrances of that ancestor too.

Protean Demigod (a.k.a. the impure). You descend from more than one divine bloodline but none is predominant over the others. You can choose which power to manifest from a virtually unlimited array of powers, although you start less powerful than a golden-ichored one. Fortunately, you don’t have the genetic drawbacks of the golden-ichored.

Demihuman Demigods (a.k.a the shapeshifters). You descend from a single Demihuman divinity or those genes are predominant in your DNA. You can shapeshift between a human form (in which you can manifest only a little part of your powers) and a “divine form” where you are at full power and are impervious to mundane damage. Demihumans are either Satyrs or Minospawns.

What you will do with your powers is up to you to decide, Olympunk! Watch out, it’s full of ichor-thirsty monsters out there!

Hercules: That is very exciting! When will it be released?

Gilbert: Hopefully, this will be our new year’s gift for all our fans! I’d like to seize this opportunity to thank them all for their support!

Hercules: An awesome way to greet the new year! There are also rumors of a Mythos LARP.

Gilbert: The LARP is a “newborn” expansion of the Mythos universe. A friend of mine created it and it’s developing that part. I’m just overseeing the whole process.

Hercules: We would be honored to conduct separate Mythic Interviews on Olympus Inc and the Mythos LARP. Would you do us the honor of granting these requests?

Gilbert: Well, as soon as I come back from the Circean Boar Hunt I’ll be happy to visit you all again! Is it OK for you?

Hercules: Excellent, we will schedule it then, at your earliest convenience. Thank you once again Gilbert! I greatly appreciate your granting us this interview, and wish the greatest success in all your Olympian endeavors.

Gilbert: Thank you O Mighty Hercules for your exquisite hospitality. I will leave into your custody my shield: crimson as the setting sun and white as Hera’s arms embroidered with the crest of my hometown, Bari. Please accept it as my sincere gift for your great hospitality, Heracles son of Zeus. May the Gods be favorable to you. Farewell.

Hercules: This is a generous gift indeed Gilbert! I will treasure it always. Thank you and farewell my friend!

We take a break to enjoy the meal and the customary dance number or two (a staple in the Sword & Sandal Paradise we dwell in. Aaron is still stealthfully skulking around and occasionally hiding behind pillars. Gilbert has a large circle of admirers and seems to be signing copies of his games. Afterwards we are rejoined by Charles and our interview continues…

Hercules: What inspired Olympus, Inc?

Charles: It was a combination of things. I am a huge Percy Jackson Fan. I am also a huge Shadowrun fan as well the Dresden series. What made things click was looking through the Mythos book and thinking what modern Greek demigods could look like in a modern setting.

Hercules: How does it connect with the larger Mythos universe?

Charles: It really doesn’t. It really stands along. Mythos does a brilliant job allowing folks to play classic demigods. Olympus, Inc is a different animal.

Hercules: I enjoy interacting with Gilbert. He is creative, knowledgeable, passionate, focused, and lots of fun. How was he to work with?

Charles: He is amazing! We had such fun exploring this world and working through the nuts and bolts of how we saw things working. It was such fun just thinking through potential problems with our story and bringing things to life.

Hercules: On your website you described your mutual journey as a ‘labor of love’…

Charles: It really has been. It hasn’t felt that much like work. I have been excited to see where things were going.

Hercules: As I was exploring your selection of Modern Maps I could not resist the temptation of weaving possible scenarios for Olympus, Inc..

Charles: That is easy to do! Since this is predominately an urban setting, the floorplans can serve as a canvas for various adventure ideas.

Hercules: When will Olympus, Inc be commercially available?..

Charles: Very soon.I just got the first proof of the layout.

Hercules: What products are planned to accompany the launch?

Charles: We will release a few adventures, a free character sheet and several supplement books that detail the remaining major Olympians along with some of the minor gods.

Hercules: And what can we look forward to for 2017?

Charles: More products in the Olympus Inc line, more floorplans and more stand alone modules. WE are also looking at publishing one or two different setting books as well

Hercules: Are there any Mythos/Olympus, Inc crossovers planned?

Charles: Not as of yet. Not sure how that would work.

Hercules: What is your ultimate vision for Olympus, Inc?

Charles: I’d love to see this become a popular setting in the Savage Worlds community. It has been fun to create and hopefully fans will enjoy playing within the setting.

Hercules: It is rumored that people can gain a glimpse of what is to come… How can they access this information?

Charles: We have a preview document up on DrivethruRPG. It will give you a taste of what is to come!

Hercules: And how can we best follow the journey of Olympus, Inc and learn of new releases?

Charles: Through our website,, or via Facebook

Hercules: Thank you very much Charles! I greatly appreciate your granting this interview, and wish both you and your wife the greatest success with Olympus, Inc, all the other fine Fabled Environments products, and in all things you attempt!

Gilbert Gallo, Charles White and Aaron T. Huss are escorted to Gilbert’s Sun-Chariot and all the Olympians at our gathering wave at them as they depart and openly express their desire that our recent visitors all soon return.


(c) Hercules Invictus

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