Direct Knowing – by Roger Wyer

We know very little. Very, very little. So little, we can’t really even imagine what’s in the container of “things I don’t know.” But sometimes, we find ourselves needing to know something we think is important. With practice, we can penetrate this container and bring back the information we need.

It’s not really a container of course. It’s space. The space between things. The space in which all things exist.

It’s a good idea to be clear about the information you seek. Better yet, what’s the most accurate, most powerful question you ask the universe about what you’re looking for?

Knowing that you don’t know something makes finding out about it interesting. Needing to know provides the energy. Clarity provides focus. Intuition allows you to know what you don’t know.

Everyone has intuition. It’s part of being human. We’re able to reach beyond the world of our physical senses and touch the unseen world.

When did you notice your intuition? They say we’re born with a powerful connection to the universe that we then lose as a function of interacting with our parents, our culture, and the world of form. Did you notice your intuition before you lost it?

Probably, it never went away! And that’s great news because all you have to do is recover it. It’s in there somewhere.

And it pops out every now and then to remind us it’s still around. Still active. We knew the phone was going to ring before it rang. We knew there would be a change in plans before we knew what it was. We picked the shortest line at the grocery.

We can give attention to our intuition. Nurture it. Practice it. Develop it. It’s amazing how it changes your life to know that you can find any information you need out there, in the field.

I think experiments with intuition are fun. Using the tools to feel into The Force to see what you can find out. And then seeing how real your messages are.

There are loads of interesting tools for finding out, for supporting your intuition. I got hooked on dowsing for awhile. I work with someone who is excellent with Tarot. Hypnosis opens doors. Kinesiology is popular. Then there’s bones and stones and tea leaves and palms and numbers and stars. Much fun!

For me now, it’s a direct connect to the energy of the universe. And ask for what I think I need. Direct knowing.




About author

This article was written by Roger Wyer

I am a tree. I arrived in a human package this time. I live in the space between plants and people. From this space I can be helpful. I serve as a plant advocate - I am the voice of Nature. I help people create wildly better gardens and connect them with Nature for healing and spiritual growth.


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