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My love for quotes, knows no limits. It’s incredible how a certain arrangement of words can succinctly provide a window into a complex greater wisdom. When I was younger, I jotted down my favorites in notebooks and scrapbooks. After I purchased a computer, I transitioned to archiving them digitally. Still, the luckiest quotes were scrawled on the inside cover of my journals, or saved as my desktop background, where I’d see them often. The rest remained in my archives, waiting for me to rediscover them.

 As a visual and tactile learner, one day I decided that scrolling through a long list of quotes wasn’t going to cut it anymore. It was time to get all of that wisdom off my computer and into my hands. So, I turned to two of my favorite things for help: inspirational memes and oracle card decks. Combining their respective concepts, I transformed my beloved quotes into wallet-sized oracle cards to make an Inspirational Meme Deck.

 My customized 50-card deck has been a game changer. No matter which card I pull, I know the message that awaits will be relevant, actionable, and connected to an area that I want to work on in my life. Even better, it’s easy to switch out quotes that no longer serve me so I can replace them with new ones, which means this DIY oracle can grow and change as I do. 

Making an Inspirational Meme Deck is easy, and searching for the memes can be lots of fun. If you’re interested in creating a deck of your own, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find Your Memes. If you do an image search by typing any quote into a search engine, you’ll often find a number of different meme styles to choose from. Select one that pleases your eye, but also pick based on the photo’s colors and imagery – this gives each meme card a symbolic flair, just like a conventional oracle card.
  2. Meme Size Matters. Pick images that you can easily crop and resize to 320 x 240 pixels without cutting off any of the text. This allows you to make your inspirational memes into uniform wallet-sized photos.
  3. Print Your Memes. You can fit nine wallet-sized images onto one 8 ½ x 11 sheet, so this project doesn’t use a ton of paper!
  4. Cut and Protect Your Memes. If you have a laminator handy, laminating your sheets of memes first and cutting them up second will save you a lot of time. If you don’t have a laminator, carefully cut up your memes and slip them into baseball card sleeves.

 And lastly, enjoy! By following these four simple steps, you’ll have an Inspirational Meme Deck that’s packed with the quotes you need in your life the most. If you search one of your favorite quotes and you can’t find a ready-made meme, try using a photo of your own and adding the text in a program like Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. If you really want to have fun and get creative, try adding famous works of art into your deck. For example, Banksy’s Girl With a Balloon is one of my favorite images. Before making it part of my oracle deck, I added two words: Let Go.

 Once your deck is complete, there are so many ways to activate and incorporate the cards regularly into your life. For example, you can pull a card:

  • In the morning, and brainstorm how to incorporate it into your day.
  • To set goals for your upcoming week or month. (Try putting the card on the refrigerator as a reminder!) 
  • For use as a journaling prompt.
  • For use as a centering thought or mantra for meditation.
  • Or just like an oracle deck, by posing a question and drawing a card(s) at random to divine the answer.

 The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation of all forests, and mines, and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation of his ancestors.” It’s one of my favorite quotes, and one of my favorite cards in my DIY Meme Deck. What quotes will you put in yours?


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This article was written by Mindy A. Early

Mindy A. Early is a writer, theatre artist, and educator who fundamentally believes that everyone has a creative voice that the world needs to hear, and that everyone deserves a supportive environment to cultivate that voice. In service of this mission, she has facilitated experiential workshops for students ages seven through seventy+ at schools, community centers, corporations, and non-profits inside and outside the arts. Currently she is the Director of Education at Philadelphia Young Playwrights. Mindy is also a professional director, author, and blogger ( As a director of theatre, her work is focused on new play development in support of emerging artists and writers of all ages. As a writer, she is a published poet, a produced playwright, and a published author. Most recently, she was a featured author in the book Empowered Women of Social Media. Mindy’s blog, Create Communicate Connect, explores the writing process and provides resources for writers of all genres and skill levels. To contact Mindy, please visit her website; or, you can find her on Facebook at or Twitter @mindyaearly.


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