Do Tough Times Negate Positivity? – by Dean Nelson

Is it easy for you to maintain a positive attitude in most of life’s situations? When things are going well and everything seems to be falling into place in your personal and business arenas, are you able to withstand the onslaught of negative people and situations with ease?

Coping with short-term financial mishaps and strained personal relationships are navigable and appear to be slight hiccups for the person who’s life is replete with monetary comfort and personal success. When life is on auto pilot and cruising along smoothly, sustaining an attitude of positive self-expectancy can be effortless.

However, when things go awry and financial disaster accompanies other seemingly incomparable stressors over an extended period of time, then it may be far more difficult to nurture a positive attitude. As for me, I know in my mind that things will work out in the long run and disasters are only temporary. However, at times, my understanding of these concepts of positivity become overshadowed by my emotional preoccupation with the misfortunes at hand.

While it may not be possible to maintain a positive outlook each moment of every day and through all situations, it is possible to keep in mind the likelihood that negative events are only temporary. Trying to convince yourself that you are positive when, in reality, you are not only leads to self-deception.

Be honest about the emotions you are feeling and acknowledge them. It is okay to experience negativity. It is not okay, however, to exist in a perpetual state of negativity. Once you realize that you are in the clutch of negativity, make the choice to accept the situation you are involved in and and find ways of moving beyond these temporary circumstances.

I don’t think anyone can progress through life without experiencing negative thoughts and events. Stuff happens! Tragedy can strike at any moment, and when we least expect it. We should always anticipate the very best from life but, be prepared for disaster. Knowing how to take charge of our thoughts and emotions enables us to perform at our highest levels when needed most.

So what is the answer? Two things come to mind. Patience and perseverance!

For the positive thinker, it is only a matter of time for the pendulum to swing back and life returns to the normality of the former. During the most difficult of times, it may seem nearly impossible to imagine how things could return to the days of abundance and comfort but, it usually does. Even if the glory days don’t return as they once were, life can always improve from whatever point you are experiencing currently.

Believing that the tough times we are going through now are only temporary may not be as easy as it seems. Once we are fully in the grasp of our situational turmoil, our perspective may be a bit more on the negative side. It is difficult to imagine the taste of sweet honey while you are sucking on a lemon!

I have to remind myself constantly to be patient and allow the events at hand to take their course without judging them as terrible. Many times, good things come about from what we consider bad events. For example, your home air conditioning handler breathes its last breath and it temporarily sets you back financially while having to replace the handler. It turns out that your handler was ridden with mold and that is why your allergies were impacting your health so severely. This incident was a blessing in disguise.

We have to learn to be patient and allow circumstances to unfold as they are. If we can adopt the attitude that this is just another educational step on our path then things will not be as bad as we think they are presently.

We must persevere with unwavering faith that the Universe has our best interest at heart and that possibilities for the return of better times are always available. If we can place ourselves in a position of allowing while moving forward with conviction and dedication, then our intentions will find realization. Ultimately, our goal should be to maintain focus and persevere through the darkest of times with the mindset that life will eventually be as we wish it to be. It is up to us to create the life of our dreams. No one else can accomplish this for us.

Patience should be our closest ally and perseverance our deepest intention.

Dean Nelson

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This article was written by Dean Nelson

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