Do We Truly Listen? by Wayne

Wayne Parker

Every single day of our lives we listen to people speak, hear the music being played, watch/listen to television shows, or listen to our inner voice. But do we truly listen to what’s being said?

We all have our inner voice that crop up hundreds of times a day. Are we actually listening to what the pure essence of our soul is saying? Our inner voice/intuition is essentially speaking to us with what we are in fact feeling inside about any given situation in that moment. We must make that selection whether to accept what is being said from within, act on it or cast it aside and see where events may go.

About ten years ago, my best friend Kat, (co-owner of The Magic Happens magazine) and I were sitting outside on the front porch, observing life. It was a Friday evening after supper when the sky suddenly turned a very peculiar colour and the energy was, to say the least, out of the ordinary. We had no idea what was going on but our intuition told us that this was not a place to be in that moment. We both moved inside for some time and then later returned to the front porch. The energy had moved to the positive and all seemed first-rate. We never knew what had happened that hour before but I am so glad that we listened to our inner voices and got out of dodge for a little bit. We both truly listened.

Have you ever been invited to a party or some sort of gathering of people? I, being who I am in life, when entering such a situation; I instantly feel the energy of the gathering. On many such occasions I have turned around and made a speedy exit. I felt certain energies that did not sit well with me and my inner voice said, time once again to get out of dodge. I truly listened.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experience is that I am spirit energy living in this physical body and I do not always make the right choices. Over the years though, my percentage of superior choices has increased to become extremely high. So now I truly listen to my inner voice with enormous certainty.

As you sit and watch your favourite television show are you actually listening to the show? Most television tends to bore me so even though I hear the words and see the visual being projected, I truly do not listen to the words. Sure I laugh at comedies and tear up during sad dramas but I am not actually hearing all the words. Somehow my mind is drifting towards other thoughts and/or plans. Do I pick up the remote and see what else is on. If it is a DVD do I pause to do this or that? When is the commercial as I desire to fix a few quick morsels of fulfilment? Oh yeah, I got four minutes before the show returns to get my snack yet I am really not listening to the show. Does this ring any sort of bell with you? Do you truly listen to the television or enjoy the movie/show 100%? There are times when I did but that has become so infrequent. Television is just not a thing for me now. I came up with my own personal solution by eliminating cable all together in my house with saving $100.00 a month to boot. I do not truly listen to television but I listened to myself.

What about music? Do you really hear the words being sung or has the beat of the music taken you over? The artist or songwriter took great pains in coming up with the words then added some beat to pull it together. It is less rare for someone come up with a beat then insert words to construct the song. If we are on the dance floor and or in the living room jiving to some music, the beat is important but otherwise it is about the poetry. Some artist is spilling their guts about an adventure they had, living through now or desire to have. When I personally hear a song it is all about the words for me then secondly about the arrangement or the beat. I feel so blessed in knowing that I truly listen. I am just one of those hippies at heart and most will say my music is stuck back in the hippie days. Well, given all of today’s groups with the exception of a few, they are just prefabricated, record company corporate money makers. A few today strike my soul but they are limited. So I listen to what makes me feel good inside. I truly listen.

I have a friend that I helped organize a conference for in Toronto. A good portion of his talk was related to listening. He had stated that when asking someone a question you must listen to the response from the heart. Absolutely nothing else should be going on in your head but hearing the words being presented back to you. Never try to formulate what you wish to say back to the person, just listen intently. When the person finishes their statement, it would then be appropriate to think of and prepare your response or ask another question.

When in this type of conversation, coming from the heart, you are giving your full undivided attention to the person – not wondering what to cook for supper. The level of understanding from an exchange of heartfelt words and responses increases significantly rather than making up stuff in your mind about a response or the person.

I will be the first to admit that I fall down a lot of the time on listening. I do hear the words but I find it increasing hard to turn my mind off and just wholly listen. I am only human but one who strives to recognize and take some action to develop me.

OMG, I am truly listening to myself.

Please a take a moment to listen to all around you throughout your daily activities including interactions with others. Is there some way you might be able to bring more information to you just by truly listening?
Did you know that the words LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters?

Think about it.


Peace and Love


About author

This article was written by Wayne Parker

Wayne is a co-founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. "The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature to their physical experience. Thriving out loud means to live in joy where all can see and become a beacon of that joy so that others can follow on the path of unconditional love, inner freedom and personal magic. The Magic Happens seeks to present, through a variety of contributors, the idea that joyful living comes from an attitude of unconditional love for all of life rather then a life where nothing ever goes wrong. Life is challenging and each challenge we face each day is an opportunity to choose to push against what is or choose to accept and thrive through the experience."


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  1. Audrey Bell says - Posted: April 5, 2014

    Great article Wayne! Love the anagram. Love the musical and television examples. My husband is a songwriter and musician. Most of the time it’s the lyrics that come prior to his musical arrangement of the song. His truly remarkable songs are the ones where the music came first and the words followed as if they were designed to integrate with every note in perfect harmony…perhaps influctuating just a bit here or there for effect with certain notes. A true listening pleasure.

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