Do You Cotton – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I recon, there’s plenty I need to cotton to in this life. Now, there’s an expression one doesn’t hear too often. To “cotton to” something means to get to know more about it, or to understand. My research tells me that this expression does reference back to the cotton industry, yet I will need to dig deeper to fully understand how or why.

If this is the case, there’s plenty in our lives we don’t cotton to, such as the motives of others, how exactly gravity works or would baby corn grow up to be a full-grown ear if given the chance. Not understanding things, is normal. Not wanting to understand things, is a personal choice. Not needing to understand things, could be revolutionary.

The phrase, “ignorance is bliss” packs a power-filed punch. For, with so much about this world that we couldn’t possibly understand, even if we devoted a lifetime to the pursuit, allowing ourselves to shake it off and keep going might be a healthy decision. Unless something pertains to our immediate experience, what would be the point in becoming the foremost authority on any topic? Giving ourselves permission to be okay to not know everything, can truly be bliss. For it is not the overload of information that can cause stress as much as the drive to overload one’s brain with information.

Maybe what would work for us, would be to expand our appreciation for things, as they are and simply allow them to be that which they are. Imagine, if it were YOU that someone else was desperately trying to understand more about? That thought gives me the heebie jeebies. On one hand, it could be flattering, to think that someone is so taken with me that they want to know everything about what makes me tick. On the other hand, yeah, heebie jeebie time, folks. You can just appreciate me for who I am, and I shall afford you the same courtesy.

You don’t have to cotton to me, that’s cool. Move along there’s nothing here to see…

So, if there something you don’t quite understand, and it wouldn’t make that big a difference if you did and there are other ways you would care to spend your time, then perhaps, you don’t cotton either.

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