Dragon Wisdom ~ Sintorii – by Sara Jane

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Thank you for joining me, for listening to me, for being with me.
Had it ever occurred to you to say Thank You to those that spend time with you, 

A Message for Sintorii, the Dragon that guards over the Earth Crystal Citrine

Thank you for joining me, for listening to me, for being with me.
Had it ever occurred to you to say Thank You to those that spend time with you, that listen to you, that help you, that support you, that are there for you, on an everyday basis?

People that you just take for granted. People like your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts, your uncles, work colleagues, school friends, friends, and people that are just there.

But what about those people in the supermarkets that serve you, in shops in restaurants, and pubs. In fact, what about those people that are there wherever you go? The people who may open a door for you or step aside for you or reach something off a shelf you can’t reach.

Thank You

Thank you is missing from so many people’s lives.

You like to hear it but are you forgetting to say it?

And when you hear Thank You, how does it make you feel?


Manners, depending on how old you are, you were bought up with a very strict upbringing of please and thank you. We are witnessing that this appears to be disappearing from too many people’s lives.

Manners cost nothing, they really don’t but their value is… they have no value, they have no value because they are so valuable, they are priceless.

Watch someone’s experience if you say please when you ask for something.

Ask a question or you ask for something and you don’t use please and then ask and do say please.

Their manner, in most cases, will be totally different.

And when you say Thank You for something, that manner is also totally different to when you just take it for granted.

Are you a driver? Do you drive a car?

If somebody lets you out, do you say thank you?

It is so important; your reaction will generate their next reaction.

Your lack of manners means they can be thinking “why bother”.

So, have you felt that when you’ve done something for somebody and not experienced a thank you?

And how has that made you feel?

As your saying goes “put the boot on the other foot”.

When you are asking for something say, Please.

When something has been given, offered or done say Thank You.

Remember your manners.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for being here with me right now and thank you for sharing manners and love with others.

You are so loved

Thank you


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This article was written by Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane? Sara is 57 years old and had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002. She currrently lives and works from her home in Bournemouth, UK. She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance. She is now a Reiki & Sound Energy Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares. Sara is an author, international speaker and the founder of Gift of Healing TV, as well as being the voice for many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over the Earth's Crystals. She also loves the outdoors and in 2001 was a trainee handler at The UK Wolk Conservation Trust, where she had many wonderful interactions with the wolves​.


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