Eats a Feastival – by Annette Rochelle Aben

At this time of year, many fill their larders with ingredients which they will turn into sumptuous creations upon which to feast. The traditional desserts, dinners and drinks that make the season merrier shall appear in abundance. Even our family has a rather lengthy list of that which would be conspicuous by its absence.  Every year, we maintain a festive atmosphere which includes laying out a delicious spread for family and friends. It’s what we like to do and as such, we always have a good time.

For as long as I can recall, Christmas meant there would be something yummy being baked to have as a snack on a chilly evening or to wrap up and send off as a gift. When my mother was alive, this meant cookies. Cookies were her thing. It was nothing to see the freezer filled with containers of tasty morsels that she began baking in September, so as not be swamped with the duties once Thanksgiving arrived.  Then, she would always have a 3-tiered cookie dish sitting in the center of the table, ready to fill should company appear. The tea kettle was always filled with water for a cup of something hot to linger over while trying to choose your favorite cookie. One year, I counted 35 varieties, no kidding! THAT was a COOKIE FEAST!

These days, there are still packages in the freezer but since our mother is no longer here to bake in her tradition, my sister bakes in her own style. This means, pumpkin bread!  Yes, it’s our mother’s recipe but my sister has taken the art of preparing this delightful goodie to a whole new level.  She makes multiple batches at once and bakes 5 loaves, side by side in the oven. It may take her hours, but when the smoke clears, she will have no less than 15 – 20 loaves cooling on racks awaiting their foil wrappers. Then, it’s off to the freezer with them where they stay, until they are plucked out one at a time to be presented to family and friends. A holiday feast around these parts is not complete without a loaf of Lori’s Pumpkin Bread!

Sure, there are other things that make the holidays special. The decorations, music and of course, the people! Still, the feasting on food and drink is like putting the glitter on star or the bubbles in the champagne. We look forward to the special meals, sweet treats and other indulgences that show up only this time of year. So, whatever you are feasting upon this month, be it food, family, music or simply the peace and quiet of the moment, may you enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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