Editor’s Note on a Summer’s Breeze – by Kat McCarthy

June! This is the month when the dog days of summer finally arrive here in the Northern Hemisphere. What plans do you have for this summer? We hope that you take a little time to read The Magic Happens Magazine each month and that your time with us fills your heart and mind to overflowing with hope and joy.

This month the themes are: Masterpiece, Bridge and Remember. We have many lovely articles to assist you in becoming the best possible version of yourself. Remember to get comfy and relax before you enjoy some of your favorite writers and get to know some new ones.
New to us this month is Hercules Invictus, from the USA,  Alice Hennessy from Australia and Moon Laramie from the UK.

Also new this month, there are some writers who have graciously recorded their articles as they read them for us. If listening suits you better then reading, please drop by and listen to Linda Lang, Hannelie Venucia , Annie Gelfand, Sandra Gelinas and Devrah Laval as they read their articles for your listening pleasure.
While you are here, check out the event calendar in the right hand column and see if any of your favorite writers will be at an event near you. We are absolutely sure that your favorite writers will want to meet you live and in person.

Well that’s it for now. Remember to pop by the radio station (tmhradio.com) for some awesome upbeat music and talk shows.

See you next month. 🙂

In gratitude
Kat McCarthy
On behalf of The Magic Happens Crew

Editor2Happy Summer!


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This article was written by Kathleen McCarthy

I am the founder and CEO of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. I am also the managing editor and chief discoverer of talent. The Magic Happens is my passion and the work that I put the most time into. I am a believer. I believe in what is happening right now. I believe in 'the happiness movement.' LOA is really cool and it is also a universal marketing scheme. What that means is: "the Universe had to give us a reason to be happy before we would actually choose to be happy." Us Humans would never even consider a happiness movement without knowing what was in it for us Humans. LOA taught us what is in it for us. Now we can just relax and celebrate - be happy for happiness' sake. I am the river. I am the buoyancy that holds The Magic Happens aloft. TMH is about thriving, thriving is about being happy. Thriving and happiness are both choices. We choose to be happy.. Or Not.. I/we, therefore, offer you choices. We virtually hold your hand while you explore the new choice. While you explore a new perspective so that you can see yourself thriving. So you can see yourself happy. Join us. Read with us. Love us, as we love you. :) If you write, join us and discover the value of support among people who care about your passion and success. Contact me at Kat (at) themagichappens (dot) com (written that way to avoid spam.)


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  1. Lee Pryke says - Posted: June 6, 2016

    Life has been busy and I sure could jump in a fountain like those kids. You are doing such a wonderful job expanding The Magic Happens.

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