Emerging Voices Living On: a Journey Through Loss to Renewal – by Annette


You know that feeling you get when you casually exchange glances with someone and it is as though they are saying, “I understand”? Well this is the feeling you get when you read Emerging Voices Living On: A Journey Through Loss to Renewal by Laurel D Rund. Everything from the design concept to the content will touch your heart, speak to your soul and allow you to move through the processes of grief and healing at your own pace.  Created as a result of her own grieving/healing journey, Emerging Voices will not only offer you a variety of stimulus but at the same time it reminds you that you are not alone as Laurel has left her essence on every page. This book IS Art from the Heart, thank you Laurel D. Rund.

The art is stunning, Laurel herself is the gifted artisan who created the visuals that even if this was all the book consisted of would be reason enough to make Emerging Voices your own.  As the art is married to verse either original or a famous quote, we have layers of appreciation to experience throughout this book.  Consider that there is space for journaling and personal reflection, Emerging Voices not only serves as a guide but a repository for that which needs to emerge from your heart!

It is true, you may not ever be the one who needs this book however it is recommended that you get one, or two or more simply to have on hand.  Because this is a lovely way to offer support to someone experiencing a rough journey, best you should have it at the ready to inscribe, wrap up and present. It is one interesting and unique way to reach the very essence of another by saying that both you and Laurel D. Rund understand.

ann03Please visit www.EssenceofLaurel.com to learn more about the woman, her art and how to order Emerging Voices Living On: a Journey Through Loss to Renewal





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