Enchantment is when the Ordinary becomes Exraordinary – by Anne DeButte

Can you recall the last time in your life you felt enchantment – that moment when time stood still, you felt a pure sense of delight, you were enthralled or lost for a moment or even felt caste under a spell?
It seems, not many of us can. Is it a state reserved only for children; perhaps we as adults have lost our ability? Has our childlike wonderment given way to the harsh reality of everyday life and routine?

Falling in love could be “enchantment”. We become enchanted when we are with our beloved, there is nothing but them. We long to be held, to be near them, to speak to them; of course time seemingly does stand still when we are in their sphere. Our life is suddenly in Technicolor – like the Wizard of Oz when it goes from being a black and white movie to one of living colour. Being in love feels somewhat like Cupid casting her spell and suddenly our lives change for the better. Anything and everything is possible in the arms of our beloved. They make our world seem right. Isn’t that enchantment? A spell has been cast by some magical fairy and our lives will continue on until the end of time. We will sail off to “happy ever after land”, never to look back.
Life isn’t quite that kind – for some it is but for most, the spell breaks and you crash down to earth, hard, bruised and your heart is broken. How did you fail, you think in disbelief?

When you fall in love, you allow the impossible to be possible and your childhood dreams of magic, of finding your prince/princesses to share your dreams with and your happy ever after life. But then you fail to share them with the other, because if you did, you would find they didn’t match. The dream cracks and enchantment slips away.

Perhaps your answer is to search for another love in the hopes enchantment will return and you will feel its spell once again. Life can be awesome until the warts grow on your Prince/Princess, the magic fades again leaving enchantment to fall into the background and dissolve.

You then decide to give up on love and find other pursuits to fill your time. Perhaps you take a trip and during that trip the magic returns, the possibilities of the unknown; when uncertainly takes hold. It may be when you look out the ships porthole and see the iceberg up close and personal. You immediately think Titanic but it isn’t dark and the captain has modern equipment – there will be no hitting the iceberg for this ship, besides, it is breathtaking. You find yourself staring longingly, the way the sun hits the ice, the deep blue of the sky as it reflects in the ocean – it has you transported. You’re lost in the moment.

There is magic happening; its surreal, captivating, time slows as you look on in wonderment. The ship passes the iceberg by, the sun shifts and your focus is back once more on reality. You laugh, at your childlike delight as you allowed enchantment to take hold – the scene enchanted you? You attempt to share the moment with your travel companions, they agree it was awesome but somehow they didn’t see it with your eyes and with the same sense of mystery and magic as you did. You took time to notice and allow the beauty and simplicity of the moment to transport you to that magical moment called enchantment.

Once found, you want more – it is like a drug, an addiction you seek taking more trips, you want to be and feel transported to believe nothing else matters but that moment your senses are totally captivated but it remains like love, elusive. Again you give up and return to daily life with its rituals and routines. Your world has returned to the mundane. Just when you have forgotten the feeling, in one magical moment the fairy casts her spell again and your smack bang into the moment.

There is just something about the scene in front of you that pulls you in and time stands still. The sun is shining and casting shadows, you are in awe, wonderment has returned, the scene transports you into enchantment. You want to know all about this home surrounded and protected by the trees. The house and land pull you into the magic of the moment. snowhouse-forest-resizeOnly the repeated honks from the car behind bring you back. You are disoriented and wonder where you are. Oh yes, at the traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. You pull away before the annoyed person behind gets out of the car. You drive off trying to recall the magical scene and you mull it over in your mind but the feeling eludes you. You can claim some back but the moment of magic has gone. As you look back in hopes, in your rear view mirror you see two deer, a mum and baby trot out of the trees and stare in your direction – are you dreaming you wonder when you look again in the mirror and they have gone?

What causes these moments and why do they escape us? How have we lost that childlike magic and simplicity? When did we stop believing and when did we become so cynical?

Simple, we grew up and got busy. We fell in love and got our hearts broken. We stopped believing in happy endings. We lost our simple belief in all things good and true. We got busy with our version of our lives; we forgot to build in the possibilities and magic of the unknown. We adhere to goals, to strict time schedules. We control our lives to the nth degree. No wonder enchantment evades us. There is no silence, no moments for just being. Enchantment needs us to stop still long enough, to be quiet and peaceful. Just imagine if you were walking through the forest you could pause, stay still, hardly breathing. What do you imagine could happen? Perhaps a magnificent stag may trot out. Pause and look in your direction before turning and running off. Did he wink you wonder, as you start to breathe again. Of course he didn’t but of course he did. It just depends which side of enchantment you are on!

About author

This article was written by Anne DeButte

As a former native of Scotland, I find I have spent more time now in my adopted country Canada than in the UK. I love living here especially in the Nations capital Ottawa. I stayed so long because I love the four seasons, each one bringing in its own delight. From -35 to + 35 our winters and summers help us to appreciate the seasons more. Recently retired two years ago to live a life of golf, reading and travel. Four days was enough and onto a new career, as a coach, author and to publish a book! Speaking will be the next thing to be add. I love my new found energy and restored life. It feels so full and filled with potential. Going with the flow, watching expectantly as new opportunities, ideas and people to help me appear magically in my life. I met Kat through linked in (chance or opportunity?) We chatted and would have gone on for longer if not for my next appointment!


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  1. Carla Fellows says - Posted: February 10, 2016

    Wow! This was a great article! When you first posed the question, sadly, I had no answer. This just illustrated your point – as adults we certainly have become skeptical and jaded. Thinking that I am a creative person, it really bothered me that I couldn’t answer the question. Now reading this I realize that I am enchanted when I read or write something that entertains me so much that I am totally immersed in the story line. Also, when I’m walking or hiking on a trail. There have been times when I walked through a forest and never wanted to leave there. The sense of peace, the feel of the air, the sound of the leaves blowing through the trees. So now, thanks to you I can answer the question. The last time I was enchanted was a few days ago. I sat down at my keyboard and tried to remember the tune of an old song I had written and poof! Suddenly I was gone into my own little world. Time had no meaning, and the notes were playing themselves. Sadly, it ended. Once it did, the playing became work. So, I would say that enchantment is being creative – in the zone. Thanks for taking me there!

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