Enchantment – the art of the moment – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

It was my birthday, after some cold rainy cloudy days, we woke up to the most brilliant day of clear blue sky and sun, I was enchanted.
What a gift from nature this day!
Me my youngest daughter and the dog went for a early morning walk, when the sun is still low and give nice long shadows.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-19 kl. 12.04.57
“Look it is us walking on the grass, me and you and the dog!”

Another moment of presence and enchantment as we watched the golden projections around our shadows.

The key to enchantment is in the moment.


Presence, mindfulness or attention, sustains love or connection and love gives life.
To be aware of others, right now and here, to deliberately see natures trees, flowers, animals and stones, as well as to see what goes on inside you – just being here and now, gives the most precious gifts in life.

When a child talks to you, give it your attention.
When you eat your food, give it attention.
When you walk, be aware of your steps.
When you say hi, look the person in the eyes and hold their hand attentively.
When you touch something or somebody be present and attentive.


Skjermbilde 2016-01-19 kl. 11.48.50Attention and presence is the key to enchantment. Hold on to the moment, do not let it vanish, do not stretch to the next moment, this presence gives you poetry, this gives you the magic now!

And if you want to create the magic, if you want to enchant an intention, it is all about presence again. If you are present in your body, if you are present with your emotions and thoughts, if you are inspired (in spirit) you are ready to create magic now!


Thank you for your attention!



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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: February 17, 2016

    This article is poetic in nature. Thank you for bringing so much wisdom to TMH. Thank you for being here Andreas.

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