Every Card is a Work of Art, A Review of The Enchanted Tarot 25th Anniversary Edition – by Annette Rochelle Aben

 I received a copy of this beautiful tarot card deck from the creators, in exchange for an honest reviewHowever, this did NOT influence my review.

Whether or not you are familiar with the tarot, you will find yourself enchanted with this deck. A deck appropriately titled: The Enchanted Tarot – 25th Anniversary Edition.

Yes, a reissue of a classic tool of divination created by the world-renowned team of artist, Amy Zerner and her astrologer husband, Monte Farber. These two souls found each other, over 40 years ago and have been putting their unique energy into spiritual goods and services ever since. http://www.TheEnchantedWorld.com

Each card in The Enchanted Tarot is a work of art, literally. Zerner spent years creating fabric collages of each card as 12″ x 24″ tapestry. So, the images you see are not what you have experienced with other tarot decks. Farber’s wisdom and knowledge, fills the companion book to ensure that anyone using the deck will be able to connect with their own Divinity. When you combine the two, there is a magic that keeps you returning to the deck for guidance.

Speaking of guidance, as soon as I received the deck, I allowed it to guide me as to how I should proceed. I felt it calling me to simply spend time with each of the cards, one on one. After I connected with each card, I placed it in the purple velvet drawstring bag that came with the cards. This process was so spiritual that I chose not to be rushed and the payoff was eye-opening. Because my experience will differ from yours, what I will say is that this is a beautiful way to make a solid connection with not only the breath-taking imagery but meanings that will make themselves known. What I found, that I can share, is that even after decades of reading tarot for myself and others, I began to see each card with new eyes. A phenomenon that helped with what I was guided to do next.

I gathered several friends for a tarot exploration afternoon. Each person received a mini reading with The Enchanted Tarot and then was asked to explore the deck themselves.  Judging by the smiles, head nods and questions asked, I felt everyone had a good experience. Those who would consider owning a tarot deck, said they would love to have this one. One woman even mentioned that this was the only tarot deck she had ever seen where the Devil card, didn’t scare her.

Yes, the images are thought provoking. The colors are inviting and well thought out. Each suit in the Minor Arcana is a different color. Swords are blue. Hearts are pink. Wands are golden, and Pentacles are green. The Major Arcana is purple. While these are the background colors, which makes the cards somewhat identifiable at a glance, that same color finds itself predominate throughout the tapestry representing the actual meaning. This speaks beautifully to Zerner’s artistic genius.

The awareness of the Divine and the messages longing to be shared with everyone, is masterfully represented in Farber’s full color, detailed, companion book. Each card is explained, defined and reading suggestions presented in such a way that one feels at home from the start. His three-fold approach to reading The Enchanted Tarot, are comprised of: The Dream, The Awakening and The Enchantment. By understanding these aspects of the card’s energy, a reading becomes a fuller, richer experience. Also, there are layout options, letting you choose to ask a simple question or obtain a more in depth reading.

All in all, this is a great deck for the novice or seasoned tarot reader. Like its predecessor, issued twenty-five years ago, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber’s The Enchanted Tarot – 25th Anniversary Edition, is destined to become a classic.  Surrender to the enchantment, and make this deck your own. http://www.TheEnchantedWorld.com

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