Exist!! – by Suzanne

What do you think of when you hear the word “exist”?  Does your mind conjure all kinds of possibilities?  A curious word, methinks…what does it mean “to exist” – is it just that alone, or is “existence” much deeper?  Things exist in our world – homes, people and animals, places and more.  What importance do they carry?  One could surmise that if you look about, you notice the things and such that exist in your world.

But what if the impact was greater than it seemed on the surface?  Thoughts become things – that has become more significant to me of late – thoughts become things….what does that mean?  For me, it indicates with clarity and precision that we hold the key to our state of affairs – bringing into focus the thoughts that exist, which then in turn, project back to our lives the reality of our thought.  If you think abundantly, then abundance has no choice but to exist!

For me, it has not always been an easy lesson – and as we all can probably relate, not every day is filled with abundant thought and / or existence.  Some days are just plain hard!!  However, I am convinced that if we focus on the things we want to exist, then it shall be – the Universe cannot help but beam it back to you…

 When one begins on the journey of a yoga practice, for instance, you are directed to many things involved in the practice itself – one of which is just “being present” or “existing” in the moment… not judging what you can or cannot do that particular day, but acknowledging the existence of circumstance.  If on that day, you cannot perform a particular movement, to recognize without judgment, the aches & pains of the body – and “exist as is” within that framework.  Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to try again…It begs the question in our minds that in “just being” with whatever circumstance is happening at the time, can we state then that we are existing truly in the moment? – The very seconds of that time…Paying attention to the breath, the sounds about you and / or a body scan to internally see “what’s going on there”.  For me, and I can only speak for myself, it has become a very special and sacred time to “allow me “to exist, simply, purely and without consequence.

This journey of life that we travel gives us many and varied opportunities to validate within our own world existence of the very heart and soul of magick and abundance…. Take a look at the garden you have grown and tended to these past summer months… the harvest you are reaping confirms the existence of the life force of the seed & plants that you sowed early on and their proof in healthy and vibrant plants is a valid and true measure of existence.  The wild flowers and weeds. yes weeds, that lay about in the yard and roadsides are proof of the existence of the sheer will to survive, at often very huge and looming odds.  As I see these examples on the road, in the lawns, it brings a strong message of the existence of life that is given and nurtured by the Mother Earth.

The birds and other winged ones, some seen & unseen are themselves songs to the pure existence of the heart & soul of Mother Earth.  They need not be justified to revel in the sheer joy of their song and musical noise that is the sound of nature.

This confirms to this soul, the existence of things magickal and wondrous in our world.  As scientists and scholars debate, as they are wont to do, for centuries past and undoubtedly in future years to come, the “existence” of everything from “warp speed” to theories of evolution and beyond, I simply find quiet contentment in acknowledging the joy of all that does exist in my world… the things that are of true importance… family, friends and loved ones… a kind and gracious spirit, gratitude for all I have… for me, if they did not “exist”, my world would be a far different and much sadder place than I enjoy…

If you think about it, isn’t that what it’s all really about?  So.. do you want to “exist” or get on the roller coaster of experience and enjoy all the things, places, people that exist right before your eyes…the choice is yours alone…

What does this word “exist” mean for you?  It can be many things and many ways of viewing your world… and sometimes, it can just be….

What is your “existence” like?  Are you joyful and inspired by your life, or does it feel like an arduous journey?  It occurs to me, that we make our world with the attitude we have about it…and in doing so, we create our existence…challenging, invigorating and even magickal….

These are some of my thoughts on this very interesting and unique theme for this month… wonder what is next?

And with that, I leave you, good friends…  for now.

With blessings from our hearth to yours ….









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This article was written by Suzanne Jacques

61 year old Kitchen Witch following the Olde Ways of my ancestors, Mum of 2 grown kids (a son and a daughter), currently "semi-retired" (creating handcrafted artisan bath salts & scrubs, budding chocolatier and finally returning to write the pages of a book my husband and I started almost 10 years ago). Have just begun to rekindle the Olde Ways of Divination, offering Tarot readings and more, new for GreyHouse this year Still adjusting to life in rural Nova Scotia and all that entails, rejuvenating the home we have named GreyHouse ... I am proud to say I am a Reiki Master (twice over), usually adding the energies of various crystals when working on a healing session.... More about me as time goes!!....


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