“Expand Outwards” the Wind Whispers – by Annie Gelfand

Expand outwards” the wind whispers.
So I close my eyes and breathe deeply and instantly, my belly and all my muscles relax. I can sense the barriers of protection of lifetimes tumbling down. In the midst of the nurturing lilies, sumacs and other varieties of mother nature’s creation, I am merely being, without requirement to do, to be anything.

With eyes closed still, I expand beyond the reaches of what seems like the edges of my body and once again, more barriers drop, more muscles relax.

More” I hear being demanded of me. So I breathe in deeply once again. And again. And again. And expand even further outwards.

And suddenly I am transported back in time when I had just rediscovered meditation and I held on to it like life support. I closed my eyes and sat on the couch in my living room in my apartment in the middle of suburban Montreal and I prayed to the Universe to show me something, anything that would prove to me that I wasn’t crazy, that there really was something magical, that my sensing something that most didn’t talk about wasn’t only in my imagination.

I patiently repeated my mantra and watched the multitude of thoughts come and go, each tugging fervently to get my attention with an urgent invitation to follow it. With each thought that appeared on my mind’s screen, I observed. Some were successful in getting me to follow, but eventually I would notice and come back to being present and observing.

The game of back and forth teased my attention between thoughts and ease and thoughts and ease. Almost softly at first and growing louder as it got my attention, I could hear a chorus of music – celestial, melodic and beautiful. The edges of my world expanded beyond the room I sat in, beyond everything that was solid. I knew myself at once to be this energy, this bliss, this peace of oneness. Tears streamed down my face. This was the confirmation I had been asking for. That day, I knew without a doubt, that there is a reality beyond the obvious, beyond what we had been told, beyond what we have been taught. I knew then and there that the Universe always has my back, that it would always be there for me, no matter what.

In my mind’s eye, I can reach out to caress the branches of Earth’s majestic trees as their leaves play lightly with my hand. I inhale the multitude of fragrances and vibrant colours. Joy floods my heart, for here there is only the pure bliss and expansiveness of being.

As hummingbirds and butterflies flirt with colourful flowers, with each rare glance these enchanted creatures offer me, I catch my breath and hold it so as to not frighten them away. I watch, mesmerized by the flutter of their wings, their soft landing within the floral essence to capture whatever nectar is their target.

Perhaps it is that within me that is awakened when they are around. For that moment, I am magic. I am possibility. I am in awe of everything nature has created. The buzzing and flutter of busy wings, the intense focus on the job at hand, their beautiful form, the knowing and certainty of their being. They never experience self-doubt, or judge themselves. While in their presence I know myself as that freedom where no separation exists. The illusion of this reality dissolves for just a little while.

Will this be your invitation to explore deeply, irreverently and freely into the adventure of your life, to create your future, as you know is possible, with the energy, with the whispers and weaving of the artistry of enchantment?


About author

This article was written by Annie Gelfand

Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC, CFMW --- Known by her clients as the "Intuition Whisperer", Annie is a "Professional Question Asker" and she will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, with remarkably intuitive questions which will facilitate your deep dive into your own awareness. She left a successful corporate career over three decades ago, and gave away everything she owned to study with a meditation master in the Himalayan Mountains of India for 8 years, as she is insatiably curious about life. Annie now works with both corporate and private teams, relationships and individuals, to offer a perspective that is much valued, and highly sought after. Working with Annie requires you to be devoted to making change happen. Annie has the gift of getting to the heart of the matter at the speed of light. Annie's credentials include: Master of Business Administration Degree, and over 30 years in business, Master Certified Coach credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. She is trained in Organization, and Relationship coaching, as well as being a Certified Professional Co- Active Coach. This trained Inner Systems Facilitator has almost 20 years experience as a coach, numerous volunteer board positions, and is a Co-designer/Co-Facilitator of the Master Coach Proficiency Mentoring Program. Annie assists her clients in identifying their “intuition”, the thing that gets them excited and engaged in their lives and to learn how to trust their inner wisdom. Trained in numerous healing modalities, Annie is also a speaker, writer, artist, reflexology instructor, professional question asker, cat-obsessed and creator of magnitude.


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: February 18, 2016

    What a beautiful experience Annie. I love how to took me to that beautiful place with your imagery.

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