Explore Your Akashic Records, You Might Just Get A Cotton Candy Treat – by Debbra Lupien

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the Akashic Records?

In my experience, sometimes it looks like a library, but more often it runs the gamut of scenes from pastoral, to outer space, to cartoonish. Oddly, there’s often a reference to cotton candy.

Akashic guides love to put on a show, and they will use whatever images have meaning for you. They spin fabulous tales wrapped up neatly with powerful messages that always pertain to what’s happening in your life.

What follows is a recounting of a visit to my records, complete with cotton candy. I hope you’ll find it enlightening and maybe even a little entertaining. Perhaps it will encourage you to visit your own Akashic Records.

On this particular day the vision began before I entered the threshold of my Akashic archive. Most unusual. I nearly always enter immediately. Something’s up. In fact, as it turned out, this experience was different in another way: it comprised a series of vignettes which when taken together as a whole delivered a message with a powerful punch. My guides were not fooling around and wanted to make sure the message was received loud and clear. As always, exactly what was needed.

I see light clouds, which rapidly turn dark accompanied by thunder, wind and rain. The wind is billowing through my long skirt. It reminds me of Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day.

The sun is trying to shine through and soon bursts out of a cloud, shining down upon my upturned face. The clouds still threaten, but the sun persists, and soon drives the clouds away, restoring warmth and beauty to the day.

With a little ping sound, flowers start bursting through the soil, springing forth in full flower until there are a great many tulips and daffodils spread out before me. Their fragrance wafts up, sweet, evocative of the return of spring. I can almost smell the dewy green grass.

There’s a woman named Krystal, who is known to suffer from severe physical limitations that make her life extremely difficult. Despite her limitations, she manages to nearly always maintain a cheery demeanor.

“Never give up. Do not let the bastards see you cry.” These thoughts spring forth like the flowers before them.

Krystal is now playing on the merry go round with some children. I note that she’s always smiling. Is her smile a mask or has she found a way to truly feel joy despite everything?

My thoughts say that if it were real she would have manifested healing. Is she afraid of what she might be called upon to do if she were healthy? That seems absurd considering what she lives with now is so debilitating. What is she hiding from? Why is she showing up now in my vision?

Ah, now I see. This is a lesson on being too preoccupied with other’s issues rather than tending to my own. Yes that feels right.

The guides say:

Compassion is fine but one must not allow it to be consuming to the point that it interferes with living their own experience.

Aha! Seeing her as broken is the problem. She is perfect. She is where she has energetically chosen to be. She can also change it whenever she chooses by making new choices.

I’m momentarily knocked out of the Records.

The thought comes that I was blocking myself from my archive by obsessively thought intertwining with another. That helps to feed the negative energy which keeps her disabled.

It is fine to take notice of others’ frailties and challenges. It is not wise to get emotionally tangled up in them. Accept them where they are with no judgment.

When she is ready she will emerge from her cocoon, a beautiful butterfly and have new, delicious experiences. That may not be in this lifetime. So be it. That is her choice. Enough said?

The door to my archive now stands open. Inside is a salt marsh.

Realization sinks in. This is the result of negative thoughts from being caught up in a temporary unpleasant event. My archive reflects that negative energy which is a barrier to getting inside. I will now have to slog through the marsh to get to firm ground. Ugh!

With a burst of light, new understanding penetrates my thoughts.

“No, I don’t have to slog through the marsh. All I need do is release negative thoughts and feelings then the marsh will transform into something much better and more inviting.”

I take a moment to breathe, center, and then consciously focus upon releasing negativity. As it releases, it appears to me as bits of burnt cinder rising in a cloud from my heart chakra (pestilence ala The Green Mile, a novel by Stephen King). As the negativity moves away from me there is a little poof, then a twinkle, and it disappears.

With negativity resolved, the tempo picks up and I hear a mariachi band playing The Mexican Hat Dance. It’s hard to be down when such gaiety abounds.

A vision of big, green bunches of broccoli growing on a large bush appears. It must be 4ft or taller!

I hear:

Broccoli is healthy, good for you but not always what you desire. Likewise certain life experiences are good for you but not exactly delicious. It’s all about the lesson. That is gold. Take what you learn from the experience and use it otherwise what was the point? Test, evaluate, make a choice, take action. Rinse and repeat. This does not have to be drudgery. You are free to make it fun. Life should be savored. It’s about living not working.

Inject sparkle and fun into all that you do and you will find that your burdens suddenly feel much lighter. A sense of humor is a precious gift. Nurture and feed it so that it will sustain you when an occasional dark day overtakes you. Laugh and giggle through the darkness until it departs leaving you standing once more in the healing, nurturing sunlight.

Next I see a parade — at least it was intended to be a parade. People and animals are on the ground, slumped over looking decidedly blue. A figure moves down through the line of bodies, walking with purpose.

Both people and animals gaze up at him, but without much enthusiasm and just the smallest spark of curiosity. Their eyes look dead and defeated. They cannot muster enough enthusiasm to get up off the ground. He’s practically wading through the throngs on his mission — to do what?

The spark of curiosity grows a bit. What can he be about to put forth the effort to walk so briskly through this morass?

Finally he reaches the end, a big, light gray wall devoid of any adornment. A lifeless color, lacking in joy. This is the epitome of “hitting the wall.” This is what stopped them.

The barrier seemed insurmountable and they simply wilted to the ground in defeat. The longer they stayed there, the more hopeless they felt and the less they even thought about getting back up. They had surrendered — total and complete surrender.

The man now turns away from the wall in the guise of composer John Philip Sousa, dressed in formal bandleader uniform. He raises his arms with baton in hand as if he will conduct them back to — to what?

The answer comes:

To hope. To enough hope that they will make the simple effort to get up. That is a beginning.

Yes! They get up and begin stretching, releasing the kinks in their muscles and bodies, shaking off the deep malaise. Here and there an instrument is warming up. A large tiger is walking about. The elephants start to test out their voices. Nearby a big cat vocalizes. There is much clearing of throats, shaking off the doldrums, and the dust of despair that had settled upon them.

The children begin scampering about, and as their hope re-inflates, so too do their balloons, once more rising high above them until the strings are taut against small hands.

The leader taps his baton to get everyone’s attention. They respectfully move into formation. While they look to him for guidance, the wall transforms into a curtain and it’s rising.

Colors come back into their awareness. They can see the outline of a city. What looks like the Seattle Needle in the distance. They see colored lights, a ferris wheel, there’s the sound of music and life. Hustling, bustling, life, being experienced with purpose and intention. Like marionettes on a string they are become animated. Their faces flush with color. Hope once more shines in their eyes. A hint of joy spreads across their faces until finally full out grins burst forth. The scents of a carnival come into their awareness. Sweet cotton candy, corn dogs, elephant ears, barbecue chicken, grilled peppers with onions, and the omnipresent french fries.

Now they are eagerly sniffing the air. Breathing deeply to fully experience the palette of delightful scents and accompanying sensations, which trigger memories of other happy days. Their excitement and anticipation rise.

They are ready! Champing at the bit to get started. With a wink and a smile, Sousa turns and begins leading them towards the city and the carnival. The band plays and excitement grows like wildfire. Positive energy quickly moves through the entire assemblage until everyone feels alight on the inside, even the animals. They march, dance and skip gaily towards their destination.

Back on track once more, they notice how easily the experience unfolds and how delightful to be a part of something greater than themselves. No resistance. Going totally with the flow as they are guided.

An auditory message comes:

When you feel lost and without hope, remember that your guides are always there, on call, waiting to be noticed. Remember how easy it is to switch from dark to light? You just need to make a small effort to accept help when you see an outstretched hand. What will you bring to the table? What delightful contribution will you make? There is a veritable buffet of choices available for your selection. Pick one that pleases and delights. Try it out.

Did it live up to your expectations? If not, feel free to put it down and pick up another. In this way keep experimenting and experiencing. You will soon enough find that which pleases you beyond any other.

When you do, take it up with both hands. Immerse yourself in the experience for as long as it pleases you. Feel free to select more than one. Contrast and compare. Combine them to make your own customized creations.

It’s about making the experience as delicious and joyful as possible.

That is when you step into self actualization.

That is when you embody your purpose.

That is when you come into alignment with The Universe and you are at your peak.

Then you will manifest as easily as breathing.

Understand that you do not need to reach some exalted level of perfect alignment in order to manifest. Where you are is perfect. Stepping forward into a place that feels better is also perfect.

Do not judge your progress. Accept that it is perfect for who and where you are today. Tomorrow you may be somewhere else.

Wherever you find yourself, always reach for what feels best.

Keep doing that.

If you make this your normal way of being, you will notice over time that it gets easier and easier to stay in alignment, to manifest bigger and better, to expand further into joy. Alignment = joy.


The door to my Akashic archive closes with a click.

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This article was written by Debbra

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, is a bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping highly conscious individuals connect with their inner wisdom and power to turn shortcomings into super powers, find their soul purpose, and create more meaningful lives. Her book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to you can be found on Amazon.com (http://sei.im/akasha)


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  1. Sandra Gelinas says - Posted: March 12, 2018

    Thank you Debbra for sharing your experience of working with your Akashic Records! It’s great to also meet someone else whose Records communicate with lots of visual symbols.

  2. Debbra says - Posted: March 12, 2018

    You’re most welcome Sandra. It’s such a marvelous delight for the senses. I’m looking forward to reading more of your experiences.

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