Family Literacy Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Gather around the table. Pull over sized pillows into a circle in front of the fireplace. Sit down in comfy chair and put a little one on your lap. What ever you decide to do, these are some suggestions to set the scene for sharing a time-honored tradition of reading to the children in your life! As November is National Family Literacy Month, what better time to establish a routine of sharing books with each other, than right now.

When I grew up, we were read to from the time we came home from the hospital (at least, that’s what they told me) and it only got better as we grew. The folks saw to it that we had Little Golden Books, encyclopedias and dictionaries. After they would read stories to us, we were encouraged to read them back to them. It was a magical experience. To this day, everyone in our family has several books in their homes and we love to talk to each other about the books we are reading.

Sure, it’s easy enough to say that getting our young people interested in reading is the responsibility of the schools but that’s not always effective. Because there was a starting point within our family, we naturally gravitated toward reading in school, not the other way around. The more we read at home, the more we found reading in school to be an adventure rather than a chore. We also got to know our parents a little better. As the years passed, the books they shared with us became novels that they found interesting. Even if we didn’t become fans of their favorite authors, we knew who those people were and therefore, got a glimpse into the personalities of our folks.

Reading opens worlds of possibilities for everyone. When families read together or simply encourage reading at home, they are helping each other develop cognitive thought processes that can help those people become successful in their life’s ambitions. It is always a great investment, to spend time with a book. When you take that book and share it with someone else, you have increased the value of that time immeasurably. #FamilyLiteracyMonth is November. But it is worthy of being a part of your life, every day!

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