FEB S.O.B. – by Annette Rochelle Aben

When I was growing up, it was never fashionable to call someone an S.O.B. In fact, it was a bloody insult!  Our mothers would wash our mouths out with soap and our fathers may have taken the strap to our tender behinds. Cursing was not acceptable and to intentionally insult another, well, that was a double whammy!

So, now that I AM an S.O.B., what’s changed?

 Curiosity has the better of you, I can tell.  Allow me to unravel the mystery.

February has been designated the Spunky Old Broad month!  The time when we can take a good, long look at ourselves and decide to embrace our rowdy nature and parade it up and down the avenue in grand style! Of course, I haven’t found out who is taking responsibility for this declaration, however, I AM taking full advantage of owning the liberating energy in claiming my S.O.B.- ness.

What does spunky mean to you?  Speaking your mind?  Owning your personal style with such defiance that you begin to believe you WERE born that way, regardless of your apparent “decent upbringing”? Having the courage to attempt acts of outrageous bravery, such as bungee jumping or swimming with sharks?

To me, spunky has always said, push the envelope. Dare to be one step ahead of where others think you should be. Have the courage of your convictions, so much so, that no one questions you (out loud anyway). And to be ready to be proclaimed different because you appear to be fearless!

So, what constitutes a Spunky Old Broad?  First, reaching the age of, or being well beyond the age of 50. (check) Second, giving your all to being full of life. (can do) Next, encouraging the rest of the world to do the same. (every chance I get) Of course, this also means, you are female. Although I would think that a man could claim this title if he really wanted.  Maybe we could call him a Spunky Old Bruce?

Naw, this is all about the gals!

It’s all a mind-set, because one can be an S.O.B. at any age, really. However, it’s so much more delightful to be described as a real solid waste disturber when you have reached what might be referred to as the “age of reason”. Making a spectacle of yourself for the shock value and being so dang adorable at it, that no one can effectively scold.

Breaking laws is out of the question, this is NOT promoting civil disobedience!  Keeping oneself in line while coloring outside the lines is more like it. Taking a few risks, just for the sake of shaking up the status quo of your life. Being bold enough to say, “Gee, you’re hot!” to a total stranger and watch while they turn a proper shade of crimson!  Be a little less predictable and a lot more spontaneous! Redefine the word gumption.

Calling all Spunky Old Broads to step forward, into their lives and accept the role with panache! Let ‘em all give you the fish eye. Welcome the gasps of breath and the stuttering and stammering of those who are so over come with shock that they can scare summon the words. Look forward to being just a little left of center. Give ‘em something to write in their blogs. Celebrate your ability to take life and yourselves a little less seriously. Give yourselves the gift of daring to do that which you once thought impossible. Make ‘em have to chisel the smile off your face, once your time has come!

 Let’s have some fun!

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