Fictional Character – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Some people believe that fiction is the opposite of fact. If we are to get to heart of a matter or learn the truth, then fiction holds little or no value. Yet, what can appear to be fictitious, may be someone’s way of stating what they wish were fact. For example, when you ask someone how they feel and their response is, “I feel great!” They may not really feel great, in fact, they may be in tremendous pain. However, they wish to convince themselves that they DO feel great so they tell you that is how they feel. They may also not wish to discuss their pain, so they head that potential discussion off at the pass. But is their statement really fiction? Could it be that they are merely attempting to create a more pleasurable reality by stating that which they wish were a fact?

There are those who believe that this is the process of creating positive affirmations. The purpose of which is to fill the Universe with the vibration of that which one wishes to have become their reality. So, it’s not creating fiction as much as it is, creating a new world for themselves. By stating, with the courage of their convictions, what they desire, such as to feel great, they choose to focus upon something pleasant. Feeling pleased about a situation, makes one want to enjoy more pleasing situations. Once the brain understands what pleasure is, then it can recognize pleasure. This is important, because to see something outside of ourselves, we must first believe in the possibility of its existence.  If we can believe that we can feel better, making that statement has fertile soil in which we can sow the seeds of growing a new fact in to reality.

Naturally, all seeds require some sort of fertilizer and this case, it is being able to connect with an actual experience of having felt great. When a baseball player steps up to home plate, and readies themselves for the pitch, they can feel good about their chances of smacking that ball out of the park. Why? Because they have done it before. Somewhere, within their memory, they know how good that feels and they allow that good feeling to empower their performance. Of course, it doesn’t always mean they will hit a home run every time, but the chances of having it happen are significantly better if they are already primed for the experience.  And what if they have yet to hit the homerun? Then they “act” as if they have done it and draw upon a feeling of accomplishment that may be connected to another activity to give them the courage to try. Yes, we can substitute the connection to any great feeling to fertilize the seed we wish to grow. We can even pretend we have accomplished the act and allow ourselves to own the great feelings as though they were factual.

Our brains do not know the difference between feeling good because we are imagining or because we are experiencing. In fact, we prove it all the time. When we can get ourselves into a state of discomfort just thinking about something happening, we are proving this point.  Many people get themselves all worked up over what they do NOT want to have happen to the point of making themselves ill.  Well, if we took that same power and used it to generate the feelings of something we really WANT to have happen, even before it happens, wouldn’t that be remarkable?

You will believe something is fact or fiction based upon your feelings. Choose the feelings that make you feel great!

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