Fire is burning in your bones – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Fire is everywhere. Actually it all started with a Big Bang of exploding energy or fire. Even the earth is a ball of fire with a crust that has slowly cooled down so that we can live on its surface.
The most obvious place we see this fire is in the sun. Also being created by the Big Bang, the sun warms us up, giving us fire of life every day, year after year.

When you light a fire be it wood, coal, or gas, it all comes from the sun. It is the light of the sun that was absorbed by trees and animals that gave that wood and coal, or oil. When you burn it, the sun is set free and the rays of light and warmth return to the sun.

In the same way the esoteric tradition says that when you die, the vital or etheric body which is built up by sun-stuff also returns to the sun.

The creative fire in the universe from Big Bang to the sun and as well as burning in the centre of the earth, is also in the depth of your body. The creation of your fire or vital heat happens in the bone marrow. Where the blood is created, the heat carrying principle. That is a fire hidden deep within as the fire of the earth is hidden in its depth.

Fire is there also when we create new human beings, as passion, attraction and love. Fire has so many different manifestations. In its extremes, it is on one side destructive and consuming returning all the materialistic to a state of heat and spirit and just leaving carbon.
On the other extreme it is the spiritual fire within that also drives you upwards to the higher realms, the realms of fire. This is a purifying, uplifting fire.

Next time you look at the fire place return with your mind to the realm of fire and the Big Bang, connect to the spiritual world!
Fire is in the beginning and in the centre, fire return things to the beginning and to its centre.
The magic happens now!

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  1. Andreas Bjørndal says - Posted: July 10, 2017

    Thank you Marie for the nice words and your contributions! I’m so happy it resonated with you!

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