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 WWII may look like the alphabet to some but to those of us who had parents or grandparents who served their country in the armed forces during the 1940’s, we recognize those 4 characters as standing for World War Two. As this was such a very long time ago, there are not many around who can provide a first-hand account of the experience and as luck would have it, we have the honor and privilege to meet one such individual in the book Flying Colors by Sarah Moore.  Victor “Vic” Tatelman is now 94 years old but at one time he was a soldier in the United States Army Air Corps. By way of his personal narrative, we step back into of one of the most historic times of the 20th century.  Sarah Moore’s labor of love has given birth to Flying Colors which immortalizes this mortal man in fine style.

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The tale is not always pretty, we read of the horrors of war and can only imagine what it must have felt like to be so young and staring fate in the face. Vic’s feelings and experiences are thoughtfully presented by Moore in a most non-typical WWII story.  This individual’s accounting adds a previously undocumented chapter to history’s books.  The weaving of human interaction into the reality of inhumane reality can only be described as surreal at times and yet the sobering fact is that this happened and Flying Colors is about how it happened to and for Vic Tatelman.

They say that war changes a man and as you read through this man’s story, you will watch a young man grasp his maturity with heart and soul. He found his strength by living his fears, and allowed his pride to propel him through missions that others did not live through.  All in all, Vic flew more than 120 missions, served two tours of duty and retired as a highly decorated and most respected Lieutenant Colonel. So one could say that Vic created the memories and with reverence and admiration, Moore has constructed this physical legacy of one, Victor “Vic” Tatelman.  We salute Tatelman and say brava to Moore! These colors don’t run, they FLY high and proud!

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