Following The Light – By Barbara L. Nelson

The world is now in a mass awakening process that will bring us closer to the light source of which we are all a part. I am a storyteller by trade and my own unique road to awakening is Following the Light. In writing about my continuing journey of spiritual enlightenment, my hope is that it will help others to follow their own spiritual path.


My yearning for a more enlightened existence began over 20 years ago when I was questioning everything in my life from my long-term marriage, my relationships, my career, and my spiritual beliefs. I wasn’t religious. In fact, my parents rarely mentioned God when I was growing up and they certainly didn’t turn to Him in times of trouble. And without spiritual direction, I was lost as an adult. Once married, I turned to my husband’s religion Baptist. But the fire and brimstone sermons of hell and sin just didn’t resonate with me.


So I turned to the Bible, trying to glean what I could by myself. I understood the old testament story of God saying in many ways that we could not save ourselves by our acts, but there would be a savior born that would take away our sins. But how did this story relate to my life and my problems? I didn’t know, but I knew I had deep dissatisfaction with my life.


In 1998, after my18-year marriage ended in divorce, I went from being unhappily married to unhappily single. I was searching for answers that never came and looking back now I realize I wasn’t conscious enough to find them. Having been married from ages 21 to 39, I also felt the need to explore the life I had thought I missed. I filled my longing with sex, drugs, and alcohol. None of which satiated the emptiness inside.


I moved to New York City in 2002 to be closer to family and to advance my writing career. I thought the excitement of city life would help me find the contentment that had previously eluded me. Once there I threw myself into my career where I became a sought after real estate journalist. But neither fame nor fortune brought the satisfaction, if it did it was short-lived.


This became evident while attending a luxury residential real estate party in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. I was drinking a glass of champagne looking out over the 360-degree view of Manhattan in a multi-million apartment. What should have brought elation, brought tears. I was at the top of my career, making more money than I ever had in my life and still there was this profound sadness. I still hadn’t found true and lasting meaning to life. I composed myself and left the party.


My sister, who also lived in Manhattan, didn’t understand my unhappiness. She envied my life. I hated it. I began to resent having to attend these parties where people were so ego-driven. I didn’t find anything in common with them. Something was missing. I just didn’t know what.


The only solace was my connection to God and the thirst for new age spirituality. I read every book I could by several authors that covered angels, positive thinking, consciousness or new age thought. But I couldn’t practice what I read. I understood it, wanted it, prayed for it, meditated upon it, made vision boards to attract it, but I just couldn’t reach nirvana. Never realizing that it could not be found outside myself.


So I turned to therapy, because there was something I wasn’t able to heal or to get to by myself. I poured out my heart and soul to my therapist, who helped me to heal my inner child. Together we uncovered how my painful childhood was affecting me as an adult and all my decisions stemmed from not being loved enough or properly by my parents. Part of the process to wholeness was learning to love myself and to forgive my parents.


I would eventually leave New York for parts west, helping me to discover my destiny of becoming a spiritual writer and angel card reader. Although, I still don’t have all the answers, my experience is that this awakening process takes you through a purging of all the things that separate you from the God source. So as I travel closer and closer to the light, I am still healing, still seeking, and still learning.

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May God bless you on the journey towards your own light and spiritual fulfillment. Namaste.


following the light

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This article was written by Barbara Nelson

Barbara L. Nelson is a intuitive/empath, writer/artist, and Lightworker. She began her writing career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California and South Louisiana in the '90s. Later after moving to New York City in 2002, she became a magazine editor, director of communications for an international real estate firm and an agency publicist. She is now living in the Southern US and is a Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader and writes about spiritual topics that interest her. For additional info please visit


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  1. Marie says - Posted: October 4, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing Barbara. I have found in my life I’ve had to endure much pain to realize I am light.

    • Barbara Nelson says - Posted: October 4, 2015

      You are welcome. It’s wonderful to hear others have experienced similar paths. Blessings in the Light!

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