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Twin Flames and soulmate relationships are steeped in mystery for most of us. Many new age philosophers have tried to explain it, but finally I believe one got it right.

I recently watched a video “The Truth about Soul Contracts, Twin Flames and Soul mates,” by Matt Kahn and for the first time in my life I finally get the difference between them. And just in time I might add as I was processing my latest failed relationship this year and needed some guidance as to why it failed when there seemed to be was so much love and attraction between us.

Our relationship was anything but harmonious. We fought about everything from bath towels to gardening. We rarely got along. And alas my ex was merely another twin flame and a huge disappointment in the love department. I, however, am thankful for what he came to teach me, to love myself more.

You see according to Kahn twin flames are not the ideal relationship for love. Instead they are the ideal relationships for the life lessons. They are a tumultuous union that breaks you to your very core. It will push your buttons and help you to heal the broken parts of yourself. You must remember, however, that you agreed to this before you incarnated for your spiritual growth. In fact, without having a twin flame relationship that helps you heal and grow you may not have a soulmate relationship.

“With twin flame energy, it’s not about working things out with the other person, it’s about what they help you to work out yourself,” says Kahn.  “The twin flame brings up in you the betrayal, the disillusionment, the confusion, the heartbreak. That is the spiritual gift that initiates you into your highest consciousness by breaking you completely open if you’ll allow it.”

Twin flame relationships happen fast and are of the “love at first sight” type. And they go bad just as quickly. It’s as if all the love goes out the door and you are living with an alien, who has no capacity to understand you at all.

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Twin flames beckon you to ask this question, said Kahn. Am I in a relationship where I am being respected, and if I am not why can’t I put myself in a relationship where I am being respected? You won’t ask this of a soulmate relationship. Once you’ve identified the answer and walk away, you have fulfilled that soul contract.

The good thing is when you love yourself enough and when you are conscious enough, you will spot a twin flame a mile away. The lust at first sight won’t entice you anymore. And what’s even better you are now available to be in a true soulmate relationship that nurtures your soul instead of tortures it.

Soulmate relationships create more harmony in your life not less. Soulmates join together to work out issues that arise between them and there is a peaceful, easy feeling about the relationship to quote an Eagles song.

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I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been with a soulmate. I’ve had many a twin flame that made me believe that true love just didn’t exist. I understand now that I had to heal from my painful childhood and love myself more. So now I am hopefully ready for my soulmate to arrive!

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Barbara L. Nelson is a intuitive/empath, writer/artist, and Lightworker. She began her writing career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California and South Louisiana in the '90s. Later after moving to New York City in 2002, she became a magazine editor, director of communications for an international real estate firm and an agency publicist. She is now living in the Southern US and is a Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader and writes about spiritual topics that interest her. For additional info please visit


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  1. Renee Harrison says - Posted: November 20, 2015

    I appreciate the differences made clear between the two. I know I have been with my twin mates a few times and it would have helped to read this sooner 🙂

  2. Barbara Nelson says - Posted: November 21, 2015

    Hi Renee: Yes, I agree it would have been great to know this info sooner as it would have helped me to understand much that has gone on in past relationships. That’s why I thought I would share Matt’s unique perspective with our readers!

    Blessings in the Light!

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