For the Love of the Gods – by Hercules Invictus

As both a Theosophist and a Theurgist I greatly enjoyed For the Love of the Gods by Brandy Williams. It is an excellent introduction to, and synthesis of, the ancient art of embodying and expressing divinity in our daily lives and through our everyday actions.

The first part of the book cleverly and creatively introduces you to the teachings of the Theurgists, from Neitokrity in Ancient Kemet to modern practitioners, through a chain of colorful and insightful biographical tales. How the lives the Theurgists lived, and the societies that shaped them contributed to the evolution of their immortal art is brilliantly demonstrated. Theurgy took root and grew in multicultural urban environments, where diversity and the exchange of ideas was most likely to occur and be recognized as something of great value.


Theurgy establishes bridges between our world and the Higher Realms. The divine can be anchored in objects, such as statues, through ritual, or in the very core of our being. Theurgy embraces and incorporates mythology, spirituality, religion, shamanism and magical practice. Though Hellenistic in its outlook, presentation and vocabulary, it remains open to exploring and incorporating ideas from all inspired sources, be they human, elemental, angelic or divine.

Brandy Williams manages to teach the history of Theurgy in an immersive, fun and entertaining manner. I was phenomenally impressed!

Part Two of the book is highly practical and the presentation of the material is very easy to follow. First you are provided with instruction on relaxing both the body and mind, then focusing your total attention on the divine.

Next comes the most comprehensive explanation of Theurgic Religious Philosophy that I have ever come across. From there we proceed with sound advice on crafting a living Theurgic Practice. A Ritual Workbook follows.

After a glimpse of the future, there are two Appendices. The first presents an informative FAQ on Theurgy disguised as a dialogue between a master and student. The second offers a complete course of study. The book concludes with a detailed Index.


We recently interviewed Brandy Williams, on VOICE OF OLYMPUS. Brandy, who is an articulate, accomplished and fascinating person, was kind enough to further explain the urban, interfaith, global and multicultural aspects of Theurgy that render the practice both relevant and necessary in today’s world. We were so impressed that we invited her back to help launch Season Three in March 2017 and are contemplating recommending For the Love of the Gods to our Workshop students.


Review by Hercules Invictus

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