Freedom – What does that word even mean? – by Joseph A. Drolshagen

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Happy October Everyone!! Is it your time for freedom?

What does freedom mean to you? What is freedom and is there any such thing as “Real Freedom”? I find it interesting how that word has changed throughout my life. For instance, at 16 years of age I received my driving privileges. There was a sense of freedom. It allowed me access to places I had not yet discovered. One of my favorite things to do back then was to purposely get lost. I would drive and turn and turn and drive (preferably on dirt roads) until had no idea where I was. It always felt like I was some kind of kindred spirit!

I’ve gone through stages where having material things felt like freedom and I’ve experienced where reducing my material possessions brought me freedom. In my career, I’ve worked out of offices in commercial buildings, I’ve worked remotely from a home office and I’ve worked solely on the road, traveling, while building territories. Each of these instances has brought the feeling of freedom and each has brought the feel of being constricted or containment. Recently I’ve moved full time to my awesome cabin home in the mountains of South Carolina and it fills my soul.

On most days!

here are days I sit on the roof covered porch in the morning on a comfortable rocking chair with a fresh cup of dark roast coffee and I’m in heaven. I mean every sound, smell, view, taste and feeling is perfect! So completely perfect. And there are mornings when I sit in on that same roof covered porch in the same rocking chair with that same cup of dark roast coffee (sometimes even the same mug) and I feel lacking, lonely and disconnected from my surroundings.

Now please keep in mind, nothing has changed between these two pictures, other than my mindset. Which brings me to a point that ultimately, I’ve discovered for myself that freedom has to be a state of being and not related to what one has, does, accumulates or doesn’t accumulate.

So, all these words for the sole purpose to illustrate the following. Every one of us, as long as we are breathing, has the capacity to experience freedom. And every one of us has the potential to feel stuck, trapped and constrained. Here’s the kicker. Changing your conditions, situation or circumstances first, as a reaction to feeling a lack of freedom, will only bring you more often same with regards to lack of freedom in your life and your experiences within your life. The real trick, my friend, is to place focus on your thoughts. It’s your thinking that creates your present situation and circumstances. Yet, most people don’t think so. Most people see their causes as outside influences. A kinder way of saying, they are victim of circumstances. That is simply not so! This is good news! If we are not victims, then we have choices. And if we have choices, then the world is ripe for the pickin’! This allows each and every one of us to experience life as we would love to

 A great thought to ponder!!

 If you agree with me and experience owning your destiny, please send me a comment. I can assist in spreading how potential filled life can be. And if you disagree with me, send me a comment. Let’s spark a conversation!!



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