Frozen In Place On a Winters Day – by Elena Skyhawk

When people think of winter it’s usually associated with cold, snow, solstice and Christmas. For me winter is all of that, and in recent years also includes the death of my mom two years ago and her brother last year.

I usually dread winter as I don’t like the cold or the snow, I know, I know, what the heck is wrong with me. I prefer my winters to be in the 70’s, not the 20’s or 30’s. This year though when I think back to this time of year a memory popped in that is just too funny not to share. I had totally forgotten about the incident until last week, when Spirit so kindly reminded me of it when it was so darn cold outside it hurt to breathe.

Imagine that you’re standing on the sidewalk and just happen to be walking by a home on Christmas Eve. The family had gathered at Grandma’s home for dinner and opening of presents. All the cousins and aunts and uncles are there to enjoy the season. Okay,let’s be honest, the kids just wanted to get to the presents under the tree.

There were five cousins hanging around getting impatient, so grandma kicked them out of the house to go outside and play in the snow. The oldest, a boy, was very ornery and cantankerous and loved getting into mischief.

Cold Winter Day

He decided to see just what kind of trouble he could cause and double dared his sister to stick her tongue on the door handle of the screen door. Yup, I can see you cringing now, because if you’ve ever been outside on a cold winter day you know where this is going.

The sister ,of course, couldn’t look like a chicken to her brother’s let alone her cousins, so you guessed it, she stuck her tongue on the door handle. The laughing and hooting and hollering of course got the attention of the adults inside who came rushing out to see what was going on. Boy, the looks on their faces when they saw the little girl with her tongue stuck to the door handle. Now, if you think they came to the immediate aide of the little girl you’d be wrong. They laughed and laughed, while at the same time trying to yell at them for daring her in the first place, and of course yelled at her for being so gullible to do something so stupid.

Finally, the aunt had had enough and her and grandma went to the kitchen to get some containers of warm water to pour over the door handle and tongue. It took awhile as they had to be careful not to cause permanent damage to the poor girl’s tongue. Finally, there was success and the little girl was free of the door.

When asked by her dad why she would do such a dumb thing, she replied because he, pointing to her older brother, double dared me! Yup she ratted her brother out. Who could blame her, do you? The pain and humiliation though was not over as the next day was Christmas so it was off to dad’s side of the family for opening of presents and Christmas dinner. Of course, the big topic of conversation was the prank pulled on the little girl. Everyone who came over that day had to be told the story, aunt’s uncle’s, cousins, god parents. It seemed to be a hot topic of conversation for some time that winter and took months to live down until something else of bigger interest came up to talk about.

So, my advice to you this winter, enjoy the cold and snow if you like it, enjoy your family and friends this holiday season, but don’t take on a double dare from your brother if you have one!

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This article was written by Elena Skyhawk

As a Dr. of Metaphysical Science and metaphysical minister, Elena works with heart-centered healers/teachers who are stuck in identifying the missing life/soul pieces and puzzling anger issues holding them back from living their most empowered lives.


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