Gaia, Mother Earth – by Sara Jane

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You are All my Children & I Love you all … Your Loving Mother … Gaia

A Message from Gaia, Mother Earth

Be Still

Listen to the Voice of the Earth

Listen to the Sounds of Nature

Listen to the Beat of your Heart


Listen to the wind

In the trees as it rustles their leaves

As it whistles through ship’s rigging

To its music as it plays hanging chimes


Listen to the rain as it falls to the Earth

To the pitter patter of raindrops on windows and rooftops

To the splish splash i

n puddles, lakes & streams


Listen to the waves on the shore

As they crash up the beach & roll back into the sea

To the rushing water of a river in full flow

To the gentle trickle of a stream as it flows over pebbles & rocks


Listen to the songs of the birds

The Dawn Chorus

The Mating Calls in Spring

The calling of young hungry for food


Listen to the buzzing of Bees

As they go from flower to flower pollinating so that you have food

Listen to the calls of frogs & crickets

Foxes, wolves, wild cats, to an elephants trumpet

To the voice of all creatures


Listen to music, to songs

Feel the rhythm & the rhyme

Let yourself relax & unwind

Or sway & dance


Let yourself experience your own voice

Let yourself express your feelings in song & music

Regardless of how it sounds to others


Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you

To the sun as it peeps from behind the clouds

Have you ever really looked at the clouds?

Their different colours & shapes

Have you seen the halo round the moon as a thin cloud passes over it?


Have you noticed all the different greens of the leaves & grasses?

Do you see the flowers, each petal, all the different colours?

Do you see the reflections in clear ponds & lakes?

Have you ever really seen the path of light that the sun & moon throws across the sea or a lake?

Open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you


Let yourself Feel, Let yourself Love

Let yourself Experience, Let yourself BE

You are beautiful, You are Very Special


You are All my Children & I Love you all

Your Loving Mother


Copyright © Sara Jane 2017

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About author

This article was written by Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane? Sara is 57 years old and had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002. She currrently lives and works from her home in Bournemouth, UK. She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance. She is now a Reiki & Sound Energy Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares. Sara is an author, international speaker and the founder of Gift of Healing TV, as well as being the voice for many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over the Earth's Crystals. She also loves the outdoors and in 2001 was a trainee handler at The UK Wolk Conservation Trust, where she had many wonderful interactions with the wolves​.


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