Gemstones and how they work – spiritual research from 2015 for you – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Gemstones have always fascinated people because they are beautiful, durable and rare. This makes them precious, valuable and special. Which is also reflected in the fact that they often have been reserved or accessible only to nobles, kings, priests and rich people.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 14.09.43Throughout 2015 we have conducted 11 explorations of different gemstones. The aim has been to find common features amongst all gemstones as well as their unique qualities. In this article I will for the first time tell you some of the unique things we discovered.


The knowledge about gemstones from books and websites sometimes left me with a feeling of uncertainty. My main question was how has this knowledge been gained?

There are different ways to knowledge, with different degrees or reliability. Certain forms of knowledge are regarded as more solid or reliable, that is because they are objective in the sense that the results are the same again and again or that regardless of which person is doing them they are consistent.

Other forms of knowledge are more subjective. They can come from personal experiences, memories, facts passed on from another person or it is the knowledge in your body of how you bike, ski or swim.

Personal spiritual experiences can represent some of the most important aspects of what a person knows, but are not very much appreciated in the academic world.

Since 2008 we have been conducting 10-11 experiments a year to explore a particular way of knowledge that I call holonistic knowledge. Holonistic knowledge stands between this important experience for the individual and the consistency of experiences between different people.

Holonistic knowledge is collective and based on the understanding of people being connected and forming a bigger unit, a bigger holon. A group of people sharing their subjective experience when being under the same influence and extracting what is common in what they experience, extracting what is belonging to the group.

The sensitivity and ability to express experiences amongst the members, as well as the degree of coherence between the members are important factors as to the quality and value of the information gained. We have improved our work since 2008 and you can read more about holonistic knowledge here.


Gemstones and the universal lattice
Through holonistic knowledge we learned some amazing things from exploring the gemstones. To understand one of these things we need to explore the kingdoms of nature and the level of awareness in them.

An ancient Hindu proverb goes like this: ”God sleeps in stone, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakens in man.”

We often look at being awake as the ultimate, but just think about how little you see in daylight compared to the vast universal horizon at night. There is a polarity between awake and focused on a limited space and on the other side deep sleep and spaced out. As we evolve we can become awake in a more expanded way, including an increasing space. Let us look at this stages of space in the different kingdoms, before we reveal the amazing qualities of gemstones.

The esoteric tradition regards humans as the only being on earth carrying an incarnated self-awareness. Humans can say “I” want to visit Paris in 2020 and see the tower of Eifel. Animals and plants do not have that kind of autonomy.

In animals the closest we get to individuality, is not present in the individual, except for a few advanced animals and pets. In animals the individuality is more present in the species as a group soul. You could say every dog belonging to a species of dogs have a common soul, that together is making a big part of their individual expression. The personality of a god has a big part due to its breed.

You could say that what makes individuality in an animal is a more collective, a group of individuals and as such is also expressed in a wider geographic area.

Just think about the elephants, tigers or lions in Africa or India and penguins or polar bears in the South or North Pole. You could say the personality of the polar bear is spread over the Northern parts of the planet.

When it comes to plants their individuality is even more expansive or fare fetched. Plants respond to a bigger degree to the whole planet and its seasons, in the same way as some animals that are placed early in evolution. In a way it is like their soul expands and becomes bigger and bigger as we regress backwards in evolution. Even deeper than all living things we have the minerals that extend out into the solar system. So when God is awake in the human it is a limited awakening, in his sleep he dwells in all the minerals through out the universe.

This was something we became very much aware of when we explored the gemstones, they brought us in touch with a huge vast state that included all the kingdoms, in a way that was quit unique.

If you imagine the picture below as a huge space where minerals are, then there are smaller spaces that symbolize the plant souls, and even smaller spaces that symbolise animal souls and last the human small individual bubbles.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 14.15.37
In this perspective the mineral kingdom envelop all the other kingdoms. You could imagine the deep peace and motionless state of minerals, getting disturbed by plants starting to grow. Can you see their striving to wards the sun, the restless anticipation of flowering, the assimilation of mineral salts and light as something disturbing the passive quiet peace in the huge mineral bubble?

Then we get animals moving around within these bubbles with emotions and digestion, to be topped by the human beings with all their chaotic activity on all levels. If you were a mineral trying to sleep, you would say; “Can you please be quiet!”

Let us reverse these steps of evolution. Imagine turning off human, animal and plant activity and returning to the mineral state. This is a state of peace, quietness and motionlessness. There are no feelings or strong emotions, no thinking or logic causality, there is not even growth or time it is just a state of being.

(Read more about Silence here.)

In this state of being you realize that what was before and what is to come is just the same thing. Causation and changes are illusions. You realize that your future always was. You come to understand that travelling through the levels of evolution is as much a limitation and reduction as an evolution, and when you return to the vastness, it all goes back to a peaceful state of stillness and nothingness. It makes you understand that your challenges are actually a question of switching of the switches of coming back to the state of non-involvement of lifting away the delusions of challenges itself. We will soon explain.

Another way of understanding this state is by imagining a crystal lattice, if you move one way or the other, up or down, left or right, forward or backward, everything around you stays just the same. It is like and endless repletion of the same patterns in all directions.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 14.20.05

Getting in touch with the gemstones gave us again and again this feeling of getting in touch with a state that was before and that is the same as the state about to come in our future. It made us understand that past, present and future is there at the same time. The consequence of this awareness is coming into a state where all the challenges you experience actually already are resolved, it is a question of perspective.

It is more a question of taking away illusions and it leaves you in a state of deep peace and acceptance.

This quality is reflected in the durability of gemstones as well as their sameness throughout their structure.


World of fire
In the Kabbalah, Anthroposophy, Theosophy and other esoteric or perennial traditions it is common to describe reality in four worlds (see picture below). First a world of fire representing the Godhead emanating “The Light” or “The Word” manifesting and maintaining the creative force.

Then there is a world of air, where creative principles and archetypes come into manifestation. These are behind the formative forces in the water world, which are behind all manifestations in the material world.

The earth, water, air and fire we speak about in our world are all manifestations in the materialistic earth world above. The water world is what is often referred to in stories of the other side of the flood, the ferryman or mythologies of using a boat in the hereafter. This is the world we return to when we die. When you become more and more detached to the material world and the realm of egoistic emotions you are able to return all the way up to the world of air and so on.

Gemstones connects you all the way up or back to the world of fire which is the closest we get to the source of creation, the original state behind it all, a state of pure being before any manifestation. That is why they reconnect you with a state that feels both where we are coming from, our deep past as well as where we are heading for or back to, the Godhead itself.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 14.25.59


Another quality or aspect was the importance of or focus on virtues. When you reach the state described above you realize that the potential of fulfilment, mastery or reaching the goal, is there in the depth of your soul. Evolution is as much and involution, and when you turn it upside down and realize that your potential is like a dormant seed that already carry all it takes to give the right fruit, you get in touch with this state of being what you always have been and are about to become, but from the gem perspective already are. This durability you realize is reflected in the ownership of inner durable qualities, that is just what virtues are.

The virtues are the gemstones of the human soul!

When you are full of truth you have light, even in darkness you light up the surroundings. The light of truth takes away confusion and questions that others struggle with, truth makes you see, where others are in the darkness of confusion.

When you have love, there is deep connection to everybody, as if they also were a precious part of yourself, there is no separation or exclusion even of the persons that express hatred towards you.

Like light takes away darkness, love takes away hate, because light and love are active qualities and dark and hate are not qualities in themselves but the lack of light and love. It is like you can switch on light, but you cannot switch on darkness.

When you are pure, there is nothing impure anymore. When you are full of wisdom, there is deep understanding. When you are full of justice, the illusion of injustice is gone.

The uniqueness of the gemstones was how they made you realise the virtues as one of the most central aspects in the journey of the soul. They made us realize the importance of cultivating virtues.

Some people focus on getting money or fame and other earthly possessions, but all these we have to leave behind one day. Virtues on the other side are gemstones of the soul that we can take with us in the existence after this. They are treasures that we can keep. Even more important is how they help us in all the challenges of life.

There is none of your problems and challenges that cannot be solved with one of the virtues. Sometimes you need wisdom, sometimes love, sometimes purity etc etc. They are keys to all challenges in life, even all your health problems can be resolved by the cultivation of virtues.

Working with the gemstones is a short cut to the connection and cultivation of virtues, and different gemstones cultivated in us different virtues.

The quality of virtue is both reflected in their durability as well as their brilliance and rareness.


Many gemstones are transparent letting the light through. You already know how gemstones connects you with a state that was at the very beginning of creation and also representing a place of return to this void. In this perspective we can imagine them letting the original light of creation through, almost like the electrons can flow freely in a crystal lattice. There is hardly any friction, like a clear blue sky with no clouds.

Let me introduce an analogy to you. If you have a paper with a round hole and you place a flashlight behind it, then from the front it would be like a circle of light appearing in the paper. Then imagine instead of a flashlight in a 3D room coming through a 2D hole in a paper, you have a light from a 4D or multi dimensional “room” getting through a 3D hole. It might be a little challenging to imagine this but think of it as if there is a hidden state that beams out in all 3 dimensions like radiations from each of the atoms in the sun, if that helps. In this perspective you can look at the sun as a 3D hole, where light from a higher dimension streams through. As if the sun is a hole where light from a sea of light runs into our limited 3D world.

Perhaps this picture from the Pantheon in Rome can illustrate the world of light coming through the hole.

Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 14.38.47

This example might be difficult to grasp, it is added to show the consistency with the first quality of the gemstones. It is like the gemstones bring you back to a state of clarity where there is no noise or disturbance or obstruction.

The gemstones take away different delusions and made you see the truth. They give you clarity and a new perception of the challenges in life.



Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 20.47.48
As an example Amethyst took away the illusion of being separated with the spiritual world or highest realms. It made you realize that even if you believe the door is closed, in the dimensionless, omnipresence there are no locked doors.

The name A-methyst comes from the Ancient Greek  a- (“not”) and μέθυστος méthystos (“intoxicated”), not-intoxicated. The Greeks believed it to relieve or help from drunkenness.

Drunkenness or the need for intoxication and drugs is often the soul longing to connect on a deeper and higher level. Amethyst can be used to gain that state without drugs, a real connection.

Read more about Amethyst here.



Skjermbilde 2016-01-18 kl. 20.46.25
Carnelian takes away the delusion of possessions. Carnelian warms the heart to a unifying force making us share and stand together. Together we make everybody stronger, we make everybody richer. Together there is plenty for everyone and the heart can rejoice in charity.

Everything a human has she has from nature. Somebody at one point stole the land, even all our ideas, understanding and creations has been there in the universe long time before it came apart of our personal life.

Carnelian makes you realize all you have is borrowed or given to you.

Read more about Carnelian here.



Aquamarine takes away delusion of separation, misunderstanding, dispute or disagreement, it reconnects you with a higher truth. This state makes it easy to speak and tell the truth, be it in a personal conflict or in court.

In the state of Aquamarine you can easily speak the truth from a state of peace, a centred core within.

Read more about Aquamarine here.

With these few examples we will round up. You can read more about these and other gemstone in my blog and if you remember to press “follow” in the blog you will get the news about the gemstones as they come.

So before we end lets get practical. You can use or get in-touch with the gemstones on many levels. You can have them around in your home, or carry them in your pocket or wear them as jewellery. To increase the connection you can wash them in water, expose them to sunlight, hold them in your hand and deliberately connect with them.

If you want to connect deeper you can use them during meditation or work with them repeatedly over a few days or weeks.

You can place them in your sanctuary or temple during meditation or place them in a stone circle or a self-made sanctuary in nature. You can bring them to watch the sunrise or the full moon.

If you have a group of people you work with spiritually or a meditations group you can focus on a particular gem together. You might choose to do it in a blinded way, so that one only or nobody knows which stone or you might even try to see if just the intention of an imagined stone will influence the group.

Afterwards everybody can sit down and write what they experienced and finally you can compare and try to extract what is personal stuff and what belongs to the gemstone itself.

You can read more about our experience with this work and what we learned and gained here. I would be very happy to hear about your experiences.

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