Girl Tribe and Momspired – by Sheri Sennhauser

When we dare to dream and chase rainbows our lives become empowered!  I have been getting to know Kim McConaghy for quite some time and it all started at a little Holistic Heath fair in Forest Ontario.  Since meeting that day I have felt like part of her family.  Kim, her mom Elly, Aunt Dori and her mother-in-law, Jodi now attend my meditation circles and have helped promote my services in more ways than I can say thank you!  But THANK YOU!!

Girl Tribe and Momspired are excellent resources for nutrition, beauty and so much more!  These are positive healthy groups…by girls for girls, age is of no consequence!  I follow all the wonderful events, products and I get to lead the meditation nights!!  This is all about owning our power and being who are were always meant to be!  But without losing our feminine edge, without becoming “hard”.  Ladies we get to remain soft and mysterious.

elements_Mk5iREcu_mKim explains who they are best so here is a quote from her:

“MOMspired Mamas are women from all walks of Motherhood. We are stay-at-home moms, working moms, holistic nutritionists, bloggers, nurses, MOMpreneurs, life coaches, dog walkers, yogis… you name it. Their tribe is SO diverse, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are health conscious women who knew that there HAD to be another way. There had to be an easier way!”

They stepped outside of the box, and decided to do things a little differently. And well, that decision sure has paid off.

This global team has amped up their family’s health, experiences more energy and builds a foundation to live out their dream life, whatever that means for each one of them. Ultimately it’s about the time and financial freedom that allows them to be the best moms, wives, and women that can be.

They build this foundation and support women’s health and lifestyle through their relationship with USANA Health Sciences…..”

Are you inspired? Ready for something new and exciting?

Here is where you can you kind all these phenomenal women

I invite you to look around these pages and ask questions, remember, “your vibe attracts your tribe”

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This article was written by Sheri Sennhauser

I am happily married with three grown children and living in my dream house. My passion is helping people find their creativity through practicing and teaching Reiki, Blue Star Celestial Healing, Axiatonal Alignment, Indian Head Massage, Elemental Healing,Meditation, Paper Crafting, Cooking and Gardening. I feel blessed to be a part of your journey! Visit my facebook page for inspiration and upcoming events!


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  1. Maureen Henry says - Posted: August 1, 2016

    you are so right Sheri- those health fairs really cause magic to happen 🙂 I am not looking to further a stay at home career – I love that this is available with so much help for the ladies that do – but I have availed myself of all the beautiful healthy benefits that they provide. At this stage in my life I am so lucky to have met Kim and you and all the girls who are part of this group. If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything 🙂

    • Sheri Sennhauser says - Posted: August 1, 2016

      it really is all about positive living, good health, spiritual growth and having a circle you can count on! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!! They are always appreciated!

  2. Lee Pryke says - Posted: August 14, 2016

    Girl power at any age is good for your health and well being. Love the GirlTribe and Momspired Mammas. Thanks for sharing Sheri.

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