Give Good Ear – by Tori James

I’ll never forget Emma Watson.  Let me take you back to the summer of ’74, Zoar, Ohio.  I was 11 yrs. old and spent a lot of time alone exploring, experiencing the woods, streams and farm fields. One day I discovered a new pasture.  I stopped to admire and hopefully pet a horse.  While standing on the bottom rail of the fence I heard someone say, “Hello, hello, hello.”  I looked around-no one, nothing. Then a high-pitched screeching  “Hello, HELLOOOO.”

Scared as hell I still had to follow the voice!!!  That’s when  I came face-to-face with  ” Peter Dee, ~ a huge, colorful, talkative Scarlet Macaw in a huge cage on the side of a little white garage.  I was mesmerized.  I’ve never seen anything so exotic in my life.  As I stood there, soaking in all that was Peter Dee, I hear a door open and then close.  An elderly lady approached me.  I immediately began to apologize for being on her property.  She smiled and said, “Isn’t he an amazing creature?”   “Oh my…yes, yes, yes he is.”  His name is Peter Dee, a gift from my son and I’m Emma- what is your name?  Would you like something to drink?”  “Yes, please.”  She invited me in for what would be many afternoons of ice tea, Peter Dee and Emma.  At that time in my life it was much needed and appreciated.  Emma spent time with me, talked/shared her life story AND most importantly LISTENED to me like I really mattered.  I felt loved and happy.

Two months later, Child Protective Services picked-up me and my two younger brothers.  We spent many months in a receiving home until our father got us and we moved to another town.  Many more months passed and we were living in New Philadelphia, Ohio when there was a knock on the door…It was Emma Watson!!!  She found me and we hugged and visited.  She gave me a beautiful music box…I listened to it every night before going to bed. The music box is long gone but Emma lives in my heart forever.

There’s a HUGE difference between hearing and listening.  Thank you Emma Watson for truly listening to me when I needed it most.

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This article was written by Tori James

I can tell you the EXACT date when I received my 1st metal detector~July 1,1998...a glistening black Radio Shack metal detector. I had BIG plans. I went to the library, the local history section (I LOVE the library!)...and did research on lost treasures. No cache was secret OR safe... (I think I was a pirate in a pastlife:) I looked up old dumpsites, schoolhouses, churches and even privy digging methods! Ahhh, the early days. I've now upgraded to a "Fisher Aquanaut," I can dive shipwrecks, even though I haven't had a chance to do that...yet! My creating time is my contemplation time. I get lost in the process. Playing w/ shapes and color makes my soul happy. Oh! After a year of working in this form I discovered it has an 'official' name or technique...Pique Assiette; A French term meaning, "Stolen from the plate." Sooo...who was the original plate stealer? He's Raymond Isidore. In 1918 he began to collect pottery shards he found on his way to and from work. After years of zealous collecting, he covered every surface of his home, inside and out, with mosaic patterns. His neighbors derogatorily referred to him as "Picasseite"-Plate Stealer. I could hang with him...LOL My current full-time gig is as a radio DJ. Be the fun:) Tori James


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