Giving a hand when a friend gets seriously ill – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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You get the news and you sit there with disbelief; is it fatal. Is it serious? Can something be done or how can we make the miracle happen? What can I do? How can I help?

From a holonistic perspective, we are more than just separate individuals. We belong to units of people like family, neighbourhood, community, nation and the whole human kind.

Diseases can make people close off, feeling shy, embarrased, feeling like a failure, a burden etc. etc.

The least step you can do is to be present in the common wholeness. Just being present in the mind is healing and comforting. Perhaps you feel like praying, or saying some blessings words. Just being present as another human that is part of a common bigger wholeness, is comforting and healing even without the person knowing. If you have a sanctuary at home, place a picture of the person there. Or just place a picture with a candle next to it or some flowers or a gemstone or other things you feel or are guided to.

Just being there is more than nothing. Imagine your liver saying; Hi kidneys, I see you struggle, remember I am here with you!

If you can make it a conscious act with some family members or friends that can come together or even sit at the same time and meditate in their separate homes, that also creates a synchronized healing-field of good intentions. You can do it alone or together with people, at the same place or at separate places. To synchronize time is more important than being at the same place.

Often all the persons involved will feel a healing energy and the person that is the focus of attention will often feel better both physically as well as emotionaly. I also have experienced that family members can tell that it is striking how much better the person is just after the distant healing.

Hippocrates said: Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always!

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