Giving Thanks for November Memories – by Annette Rochelle Aben

As a child, in our home, November always brought great excitement. There was a great holiday feast, for which to prepare. On Thanksgiving Day, itself, downtown Detroit, held their magnificent Santa parade to welcome the jolly elf to our fair City. There were floats and music, balloons and lots of excited children there with their fathers while their mothers stayed home to start the dinner. We’d shiver in our winter togs, holding steaming cups of hot chocolate and feeling our little faces freeze bright red. It only got better when we would put up our Christmas tree, the day after Thanksgiving!  Ah yes, December may be the month of Christmas but for us, November was the start of it all!

These days, November retains its magic because we have all these glorious memories upon which to reflect. No, there are no little ones around to bundle up and whisk downtown to the parade, but we can turn on the television and watch, while we curl up wearing our jammies and sip hot cocoa.  There will be a turkey roasting in the oven and we will use the “family milk glass platter” to hold the bird and trimmings. The pies will be cut and served with generous amounts of whipping cream. Of course, we will get the dishes done and put away before going to bed. And the turkey carcass will become soup, which will be enjoyed down the road. New ways of celebrating November with hints of the past thrown in for good measure.

Whatever November means to you, may you enjoy it for all you are worth. May you have many beautiful memories for which you can be grateful. May you make many more memories in the process.

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