Happy Birthday From Your Akashic Team – by Debbra Lupien

Birthdays are a special occasion in the Akashic Records.
On your birthday, records of the past year are collated and moved to another section of your archive while Records for the new natal year are begun. After that it’s party time!

I remember one birthday entering my records and discovering the party already in full swing. I was given a lovely message, but it was quite clear that the party was happening with or without me. It was a peculiar feeling being almost an after thought at your own birthday, but considering how hard our teams work for us every day, they deserve a little frivolity.

Recently, I revisited a birthday message from a number of years ago. It was near the beginning of my experience with the Akasha, when I barely had a clue. The message deeply impacted me at the time and served as a powerful catalyst that led to publishing my best selling book last year. Trust me, it took a lot of work for my guides to bring me to that place. I did not make it easy for them.

Now feels like a good time to share this particular message because it’s likely there are readers dealing with similar challenges. Akashic messages are filled with universal truths so please take from it whatever resonates.

And so we begin…

The doors to my archive open slowly to reveal a shiny, glittering space. I feel warm and welcome. My body floats in effortlessly as if I were standing on a magic carpet.

A short distance inside my feet gently connect with soft ground.

As I survey the surroundings, a bluebird buzzes by singing her happy song. She flies hither and thither in my general vicinity checking me out.

A rustling sound announces the arrival of a curious young doe, who steps out into the open from a lightly wooded area.

In rapid succession a rabbit and two black bear cubs join the growing assemblage.

I call out a friendly hello to all.

A movement above heralds the arrival of Archangel Michael, who in short order is standing before me smiling.

After a moment’s contemplation he steps forward and warmly embraces me. His energy is intense!

More figures begin descending just behind him. Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel have joined us. They are all smiling and looking festive.

Off to my left Isaiah appears followed by a hustling Ezekiel (two of my regular guides). Many friends have gathered to greet me. It is so lovely.

“Thank you my friends for coming. I feel honored and loved,” I beam at them.

They smile, nod, and applaud. There’s a feeling of anticipation in the air, but I don’t yet know what it’s about.

All of the two-legged participants join hands and pull me into a circle dance.

The scent of pungent flowers and pine needles fills the air. We dance until exhausted, then fall down in the soft grass together. I lie back and look up at the sky feeling blissfully content.

A time lapse occurs and the dark night sky is now filled with a great magnitude of stars, dense and mesmerizing.

After some time passes I grow impatient and decide to get up and walk. I am now alone, waiting for my message.

A full, bright moon lights the way as I walk along a path the moon provides. It’s like a spot light precisely guiding me.

In a short while I arrive at an overlook. It’s high up on a small mountain looking down upon a city. Down below lights twinkle in buildings and houses. Church spires here and there stand out among the other buildings.

This is the perfect vantage point to view a city — from a distance. It feels normal for me to stand apart from the crowd. I enjoy watching their activities, but I don’t necessarily want to participate. Solitude has more appeal.

I take a seat on the ledge, legs swinging in mid air while a lovely, cool breeze wafts by. The night air is crisp and clean, quite refreshing.

Without knowing why, I’m compelled to slide off the ledge, falling towards the city below. Surprisingly my body floats easily down until the wind currents lift me up and I’m slowly flying over the city. It’s an incredible bird’s-eye view. What a rush!

Moments later I land on a quiet tree-lined road outside the city. A small river runs nearby. Off to the far side of the road is a campfire. All five elements are represented. This feels significant, but why?

While I ponder this question the four archangels form a semicircle around me.

They telepathically convey a message that I am never alone unless I choose to be. They are always ready and waiting to support and guide, even to celebrate. The angels stress that I need to understand it is I who am in control. They will always have my back, but I call the shots.

I thank them for their love and steadfast support. It is very meaningful because I often feel as if I’m battling alone.

That causes my thoughts to turn to financial matters. I need guidance to break through the karmic blocks preventing me from being seen by those who I would help. It’s a massive karmic issue and I need their help to clear it.

Just then I hear Josh Groban singing “You raise me up…” as I am lifted up by my Archangels. The song goes on for a while and I bask in the warmth and supportive feelings it evokes.

As the song ends, Isaiah approaches. He directs me to a bench nearby where we might sit together, as we often do.

For far longer than I would like Isaiah sits in quiet contemplation, looking off into the distance. He closes his eyes and nods occasionally as if silently conversing with someone. When he finally opens his eyes to look at me I notice his eyes are a stunning color of blue. Like pools of water they draw me to connect with the incredible power and wisdom within.

I hear Isaiah’s thoughts: “Let us begin. You have come seeking guidance, direction, wisdom, yes?”

I nod.

“Then listen closely to what I am about to say. This is a momentous occasion. One we have long waited for. The day when you would make a real commitment to your studies and apply yourself diligently to the task rather than just playing at it. We cannot force you to do anything, as you know, so we must wait until you come seeking us. You are drawn to this place and us for a reason. This is your path and now that you have discovered it you can travel it or you may choose another. Of course we hope you will choose this one for we see the satisfaction and delight it offers.” With that he arises then says: “Come, walk with me.”

Isaiah offers me his arm and we walk together. He begins:

“A very long time ago before you inhabited this body you made choices about the direction your new life would take. You had grand plans about all that you would accomplish. That is not at all unusual for a soul. From the vantage point of this side of the veil things look very different.”

“But once you step into the physical dimension it becomes like trying to run in water. The drag on your body slows you down making you work harder and with more focus than you expected.”

“Sometimes this will cause you to give up, abandon your plans, perhaps take a different path. Perfectly understandable. However, if you can learn to stop fighting the water and move slowly and deliberately you will discover that the water will actually help you move more fluidly and with greater power as it helps you channel your efforts more effectively.”

“Do you see? Move with the water rather than against it? Yes you will move slower, but in the end you will still arrive at your destination and you will be energized rather than depleted. When you learn to stop flailing about and become one with your environment you will find that even the friction of gravity feels less restraining.”

“Ok,” I interrupt: “but can you please speak more plainly rather than in metaphors. Today I really need plain talk. I need clarity.”

Isaiah smiles and nods. “You have just demonstrated my point. Your growth is uncomfortable so you wish to circumvent that discomfort. When you do, you miss the opportunities and lessons that were available to you at that time. In effect you have chosen to take the long way around and upon your arrival you will not have the benefit of the knowledge that you would have gained had you worked through the discomfort.”

“So you see, you arrive at your destination, but missing vital pieces of information that you must now gather in some other way. Pieces that are necessary for the next leg of your journey. You may continue without them, but you will find it more difficult than it had to be.”

“Do you understand? Taking an alternate route is always your choice, but may not be in your best interests. You know that we always send bread crumbs to guide you. Follow the bread crumbs and you will find that it does eventually get easier.”

“Ok, can you just bottom line it for me. How exactly do I apply that information to my finances right here and right now?” I inquire.

Without another word from Isaiah, waves of understanding wash over me.

It’s time to get over my introverted self and go out to meet people face to face. But is that the only way? Are there other options, I wonder.

Ah, yes, I see now. He means that listening to intuition and connecting with people who cross my path would be faster and more effective in the short term. By choosing to remain a student, taking course after course, I’m taking the long way and delaying financial success.

I pause in my reflection to inquire: “Do I have that right Isaiah?”

With an indulgent chuckle he continues: “It is important that we discuss your perception of events that have unfolded. I think that you have misunderstood some of the things that have transpired. When we call you into our presence, our intention is to enrich your spiritual life, rather than your physical life, n’est-ce pas?”

“That isn’t to say that your physical life won’t be enriched, but that is not the priority from our perspective. It is important that you comprehend the distinction. What we share with you is wisdom and guidance to aid you in your becoming. That is our priority. If you are able to glean information that leads to physical gain that is a bonus, simply not our prime objective. From our perspective currency is simply not relevant.”

I interject: “But it is for me because I dwell in the physical world. Does that mean I shouldn’t ask about financial gain?”

“On the contrary,” he emphatically states: “You may ask anything you wish. We just want you to  understand that the answers may not address the monetary side of the equation directly.”

“Ok, fair enough,” I concede. “What else do you have to share with me today?”

He grins. “I think that is enough for you to consider until our next meeting.” With that he stands, takes my hand and kisses it, says farewell, then departs.

There are so many layers to this message that it was some time before I understood them. For instance the five elements. Why was that important to witness?

At the time I was energetically out of balance with my soul. That’s why everything was so difficult, like running through water. The elements represented a state of balance and divine perfection that all souls are seeking. When we are in that state of balance, life is easier and a heck of a lot more fun.

I was also to learn later that wanting to be alone is part of the way my soul is wired. But here again balance comes into play. Being energetically sensitive it’s vital to allow for solitary time to replenish vital life force energy (for me that’s meditation). However, it’s equally important to spend time with others so that I might share my gift with them and they with me. Balance in all things. Not too much of one nor the other.

There’s more to be gleaned from the symbolism in this message, but rather than spell it all out, I encourage you to reflect upon it and discover what it means to you. Feel free to email or connect with me on social media if you have questions.

About author

This article was written by Debbra

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, is a bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping highly conscious individuals connect with their inner wisdom and power to turn shortcomings into super powers, find their soul purpose, and create more meaningful lives. Her book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to you can be found on Amazon.com (http://sei.im/akasha)


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  1. Linda Lang says - Posted: July 28, 2018

    Great article Debbra. I think we’ve all spent some time paddling upstream!

  2. Debbra says - Posted: August 1, 2018

    Thank you Linda. We do make things harder than need be at times. 🙂

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