Hardwired for a Cushy Life – by Annette Rochelle Aben

The dictionary defines the word pillow, as a cushion. That makes sense to me, as I use a pillow to cushion my head while I sleep. Some people even have an item called a body pillow, which allows them to support the majority of their physical mass while sleeping. And what about those wee little “puffies” that we can slip under our feet when stretched out on the chaise? Guess most of us would agree that pillows are more than useful, for at times, they are necessary.

Well, taking off on the thought that pillows are cushions, we often cushion parts of our lives regularly. We might like a cushion in our bank account. I knew of a man who had an extra thousand dollars in his checking account that he pretended was not there, just in case he needed more money. Others believe it is necessary to keep enough money stashed away so they could live for at least six months if something happened to compromise their income.

Cushioning our lives makes us feel supported. Much like the pillow used in sleeping, which many hang onto like a teddy bear, we find it easier to relax, when we are feeling the support. Other areas where we may “cushion” our world include stocking up on necessities like toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner and even deodorant. There was this friend of mine who always felt she had to have 2 of certain food items in her pantry at all times. Once she opened the new bottle of ketchup, she added ketchup to her next grocery list, even though she had a full bottle at the ready.

Do you have something in your life that you feel better knowing that you have more than enough of, allowing you to feel the cushion? Money, food, etc. all things we believe we need to have in quantity in order to have a better life come to mind. But what of our intangible selves? Are there ways to cushion our Spiritual energies? Some believe that if they “bank” a plethora of “good deeds” they are guaranteed a cushy seat in Heaven. Still, others feel that if they work out on a regular basis, they will create a cushion of energy that allow them to eat differently on special occasions. Pay it forward with calorie elimination now, so one can party over the weekend. Some folks even date a couple different people at the same time, so they always have a partner to fall back on and they won’t be alone.

Who is to say if any of this is right or wrong. After all, if one visits a store that sells bedding, there are as many different pillow choices as there are people shopping at any one given time. This tells me that we are hard wired to want a cushier life!

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