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The earth and the moon have a strong influence over one another. While the earth holds the moon in orbit, the moon maintains a gravitational pull on the earth’s oceans and seas. In fact the moon exerts a powerful force on the smallest bodies of liquid. The gravitational influence of the moon can be measured in something as small as a mug of coffee. Living organisms are also influenced by lunar rhythms. Lunar periodicity is an intrinsic aspect of human existence. Studies have identified lunar influence on the brain’s electrical patterns. Correlations have also been uncovered between the moon and incidences of uncontrolled bleeding.

Many spiritual traditions place great significance on the moon. Momentous events in the life of Buddha are said to have taken place during the full moon. Pagan rituals rely heavily on the benevolence of the moon goddess. Norse creation myth identifies the moon as a chariot driven by a young male.

If you want to exert influence over your own future, it is beneficial to synchronise any spiritual work with the phases of the moon. Focus on your plans and desires in the wrong way at the wrong time and you could literally find yourself swimming against the lunar tide. When the moon is waxing it is growing more visible in the sky until it becomes a full moon. This is when the force of attraction is at its strongest. During this time, focus your intent on circumstances you want to manifest in your life. When the moon is waning it is growing less visible in the sky until it becomes a new moon. This is when the forces of lessening and diminishment are at their strongest. During this time, focus your intent on banishing circumstances you don’t want.

apr2017-210x270By aligning yourself with the phases of the moon, you enlist the help of one of the most powerful forces in the firmament. Consider the example of the intention to have more rest and relaxation in your life. During the waxing or full moon you should intend to attract more calm and tranquility to you. During the waning moon you should intend to dispel all stress and anxiety.

Think about what you want to manifest in your life. Consult the current lunar cycle. Choose the appropriate words to summarise your intent. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Light some candles and burn some frankincense, sage or myrrh. This will purify your sacred space. Make yourself comfortable in a sitting or lying down position. When you are ready, focus your mind on your breath until you feel yourself entering a relaxed meditative state. Now turn your mind to your intent. Repeat the words silently or aloud. Continue with the repetition for a couple of minutes. When you are ready, bring your attention back to the breath. Return to the present moment and ground yourself as needed.


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