Have the Courage to Express Yourself -by Rhea Dopmeijer

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How difficult it might be at times to express yourself verbally to the outside world? It is hard to find the right words at times, so people might understand a bit more. About your own process and how this is being reflected into the outside world. Sometimes people see what is going on, other times they are to self-absorbed to witness.

All we can do is perceive it through our own perceptions. An open mind is experiencing this in a different way. It can see through the different layers of the words and acts. For people who are having difficulty to express themselves verbally, it might be more of a challenge even.
Yet, it is hard as well for someone who is not aware of these internal processes about the way life is been expressing itself. The challenges and experiences may come and go, yet without being aware, they will create only more turmoil. If you are not able to see what is coming up in your life and what gifts it presents you, how can you give it words even to yourself? We as humans have many ways to express ourselves. It may be through music, art, poetry, writing, keeping up a journal, acting and reacting in both positive as well negative ways.
There is this whole spectrum of facilities to express yourself. So, what are you choosing? What feels the best or right way for you to express yourself? What makes the difference between a dialogue and a discussion for instance? Do you use tactics in order to maintain some kind of stability? Or by wearing a mask in order to hide behind it so people might not see your insecurity, or vulnerability?
You know the internal world may not always match the way we are being used to present ourselves. We are being thought by our upbringing, norms and values, principles. Sometimes there isn’t much room to express yourself. You are being challenged to find a way to express yourself. Others are learning ways to find a tool, like through music or art, the creative flow from within.
Yet everything represents a creative flow in our self-expression. The more we can experience freedom of speech within the boundaries of dignity and respect through love, we are feeling safe enough to speak up. It is far more difficult, if you cannot speak your truth, if it’s not allowed to. These different sides of the spectrum, demands a very different approach from us to express ourselves.
Either within a family you grow up in where communication is flowing freely, or growing up and made shutting up. The inner world responds accordingly. Love and fear are 2 sides of a coin, for one cannot exist without the other when it comes to teachings. As long as we are coming from fear, the other side coming from love will create difficult challenges.
Love is always a compass measuring how you may express yourself freely and with less boundaries. It is all about the energy that comes through the spoken words, the art, the actions as well reactions to situations we find ourselves in. Consciousness plays a major part in this process of your expression. It will be the guardian of your inner aspects that might be addressed during your challenges.
The focus on either fear or love is about choice. What choices you make for yourself. How can every challenge serve you? What is your own talent or gift in expressing yourself. The need for everyone to be understood, loved and accepted will be the driving passion. We all are searching for ways to connect with our outside world to be appreciated and acknowledged.
So how do you express yourself? From within your inner connection, what colors do you find to show your own true colors. How much appreciation and acknowledgment are you giving to yourself. Allowing yourself to express freely. It all starts within, if we want to change anything that is holding us back. This takes courage most of the times the more challenged we are. To be able to love ourselves, really and truly, will have a major impact on our way to express ourselves.
Not shrinking through fear, yet standing tall within through love. Knowing how to voice yourself, how to show yourself, without holding back any longer. This is our life’s challenge. Express yourself, in order to beam your inner strength and love out into the world. By voicing your love, by teaching others to love and express themselves accordingly.
Just ask yourself the question every morning, how do I want to express myself? How can I use every challenge I am facing today, in order to create a more loving inner world? Which aspects need my attention today to be acknowledged as well loved. How can I use my emotional world and receive the gifts it presents every day through your experiences. The choice is up to you which pathway you choose.
Through loving awareness by creating consciousness, to assist you to stand tall and proud of yourself. You are challenged to go within, to bring in all the damaged and insecure aspects back into a place of harmony, love and balance. This will alter your expression, through love and integrity, respect and understanding.
And so it will be done.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 5-3-2017

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