Hearts Full – by Annette Rochelle Aben

December was quite the month. Many holy days to honor and celebrate, which our family did, in fine style. It turned out to be a month of goodbyes as well. Not only to the end of the calendar year, but to physical lives of friends and family. Beginning with Christmas Day, there was phone call after phone call, alerting us to the fact that someone near and dear to us had departed. Only one of those was a family member and oddly enough, that was the only one that wasn’t a surprise.  So, here we were, with hearts filled with cheer and slowly the cheer was trying to be edged out by tears.

Interestingly, there were not as many tears as there were memories. Memories of good times, laughter, smiling faces, crazy moments we never thought would be “the ones” that would come flooding back at the right time. Those memories etched forever in our hearts. And because there were so many, our hearts became the safe places to be, to sort it all out and find the strength to carry on in a time when we might have simply allowed ourselves to fall to bits.

It’s funny, because the 3 friends and 1 family member who transitioned, went at this time of year, it’s almost like we’re going to remember them even more. Yes, we will associate the December holidays with these anniversaries, but we will also find our hearts filled with so many terrific memories that smiling will be easier. We’ll be able to take this time to care deeper, share more freely and embrace the beauty all around with hearts of love. We’ll also be drawn to want to be with those who mean the most to us, because we appreciate the gift of time set aside for that purpose.

Yes, December was quite a month for finding out how much love we had in our hearts. Love that allowed us to weather some incredible news with grace. We’ll face 2018 with stronger, richer hearts. For we learned that a heart has a far great capacity for peace than we ever imagined. And that our hearts have space for us to hold even more memories!

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