Holonity: Justice a matter of nose – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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In this series we have been looking at the senses an virtues and how they relate.
A nose for justice is a known expression. A case that smells is a case that smells of injustice. Or even worse it stinks.
When we are eating food and we think it has turned bad, we smell it first. We smell it to see if it is fine, not rotten, or deteriorated.

(Picture Allegory of Justice by Raphael)

If we enter a house or office that smells, where the air is not fresh, there is something there that should have been thrown away, or the air should have been exchanged. It needs an exchange of garbage or air. It is the same way with the body. It also needs fresh air to keep fresh and vital.

The nose is the opening of the lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Read more here about the lungs and the nose). The lungs are together with the heart a part of the rhythmic central part of our body. The heart beats and the lungs breathe; in and out, give and take.

The rhythmic exchange with the surroundings is a central function of the lungs and nose. Taking in from the collective atmosphere, keeping it and then giving back.

Justice is also about giving and taking. If somebody close to you or a college or client are trying to get something out of you, are trying to earn on behalf of you, you become on guard, you close them out, you protect yourself and go somewhere else to breath. If someone is nurturing you or take part in your gaining you get close to them as a source of benefit in your life. The person that tries to steal from you starts to behave differently, the cheat or lie takes from them the possibility of being together in a bigger wholeness. They close of to their own evolution to the bigger whole and succumb under their own ego and greed.

In the book Seven Arrows the medicine man is asked how disease came about. He answered that when the first member of the tribe started to think more of his own gains than the tribe disease started.

When you go around only thinking what is in it for me, you are actually a thief. From a spiritual perspective there is nothing but God. If you take more than you need, you are stealing from God.

If you give and give on all levels you become a source that people want to relate to. They come to you to drink, eat and breathe.

Imagine you buy groceries and the man in the shop cuts the price every time to your favour. It might be nice in the start, but if will create a feeling of you owning him something. Also if he adds to the price to his favour it will not feel right.

Justice is about what is right, a just balance of giving and taking. It is a question of right or wrong. A righteous person is just in his conduct.

From a holonistic perspective meaning in the perspective of how you relate to the bigger wholeness you belong to it is a question of how you give, gain or induce pain to members of the bigger holon (read about holonity here). If you live under the illusions of the material world, you might not see that if you all the time take from the bigger whole you are closed out on a energetic, soul or spiritual level.

This is related to the laws of karma, if you give and give you will get back in return, if you take and take you are heading towards poverty. It might not be in physical things. You might still have a huge house, a new car and other stuff, but you will loose out on other levels, on levels of soul and spirit.

It is like Jesus saying; And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. [Matt 19:24]

The more you grab or hold on to material things the more you lose out on the spiritual. The trap of the ego is isolation. And the way back to conducting your life for the bigger whole is not a choice it is only a question of time before you are forced to tune into the bigger wholeness. So you might as well start thinking about it; what is best for most people.

There are cases where one persons greed, need for attention of naivety destroys the possibilities for lots of people. One rotten apple can destroy the whole basket.

We have free choice and here is where the nose comes in, what feels right, what is right. You have to use your nose to discriminate how your actions influence the life of others and the bigger whole.

Your own suffering from choosing wrong is the growth of your soul. The suffering you create to others you have to go through yourself, it might not be in this life time, but according to esoteric traditions the real purgatory are the years after death when you have to live out the feelings you created in others. Let me explain one way of perceiving it.

Spirit is freedom. On our way back to spirit we have to let go of matter. This is challenging today because we are probably living in the most material age of human history. If you are too connected to matter it is difficult to let go. You are in a material prison. When you die the first thing you lose is the physical. You have to say bye bye to your possessions and body.

If that is easy for you, you still have to let go of your vitality of life and its ability to manifest and grow. Not to forget the growth you did through out your life, your past steps, your memories of this life. That is not always easy. When my father died I felt his need to continue his life for almost a year, then I felt his presence saying Now, I can let go!
When you let go of that, you will find yourself defined not as your life span but you will be left only with the emotions the connections and exchanges between you and others. Strong feelings are like ties between people regardless of the feelings being good or bad. If you created bad feelings in others that you are not aware of they will not be dissolved before you have lived them out. The pain you have inflicted upon others has your signature. As you need to continue to let go on the other side, you need untying and untying it is taking it back. The more detached you have been the easier this part is. The next is to let go of your identity. This can be extremely scaring for some people, but if you have started to act and relate based on the bigger whole, it is easy.

The nose is a manifestation of the principle of justice, or right actions and right conduct. Every time you open up to something new, you need to discriminate with the nose. If it hurts or injures others it will not be good for the bigger whole and will come back in one form or the other to adjust the way you relate to the bigger whole. If you can do it right, do it just then you can complete and finish it in its own perfection.

Thank you for your time!

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