Holonity – Symmetry and polarity – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Nature has a beautiful way of acting with symmetry and the nature of symmetry is closely linked to polarity.

This is reflected in the Bible, in modern physics, biology, psychology and many other places. Let us explore how nothing and everything can be understood as the very same thing.

Creation in myths
In the beginning God created AT Heaven and AT Earth, is the starting sentence in the Bible. AT is often dropped in the translation and refers to the first and last letter, as a symbol of all the letters from the first to the last (Read about the secret of the letters here). We could say God created all the symbols, all the qualities or principles both in Heaven and on Earth. One A of Heaven and one A of Earth, one B of Heaven and one of earth etc. A symmetrical set of letters each with an opposite heavenly or earthly copy.

This reminds us of the saying attributed to Hermes Trismegistos; As above, so below or the idea of Macrocosmos being a reflection of Microcosmos as well as the idea oskjermbilde-2016-10-18-kl-21-06-57f Man being created in the image of God. Also being symmetries with a polarity of size.

Each letter in heaven is reflected in symmetry with each letter on earth and each pair has a heavenly and earthly polarity.

In the same way the rest of the creation is a story of separation in opposites that also mirror each other. Out of nothing God created light and dark, day and night, upper and lower waters etc.

In Taoism the Tao became yin and yang. In Egypt Atum created Shu and Tefnut out of himself, they created Nut and Geb which also created two more couples of Osiris-Isis and Set-Nephtys ( See more here).

Creation myths are full of opposites, polarities and splitting of the One into two and two towards the many.

It is amazing how similar the principles are to modern science.

Creation in physics
In modern physics there are very similar ideas about the early stages of creation. There are theories of symmetry that says that when one particle appears its opposite particle disappears into an other dimension or place. Like the existence on one is dependent on the withdrawal of the opposite.

Modern physics also describe the beginning as separation of matter and antimatter, future and past etc.

Science speaks about negatively charged electrons and their polarity in positively charged positrons. All these small particles have a spin described as either +1/2 or -1/2. They have a circle of 720 degrees so to describe a circle as we see it we have to put 1/2 in front and again it is two opposite possibilities being dependently interconnected, symmetrical and opposite.

It is like the whole universe is a dance of couples mirroring each other, being interdependent and both creating and annihilating each other.

The polarity of symmetries in the living
Life is also full of symmetries. If we move to the early life forms they change from radial symmetry to bilateral symmetry very early in evolution. The last continues throughout all evolution all the way to man. The first or radial symmetry is the symmetry we see in a jellyfish that is symmetrical around an axis in all directions. The last is the two sides of an animal be it a fish, a dog or a human (See examples in the illustration).


You could easily imagine they grow out of their heads by splitting into two lungs and two arms, and two legs etc. It is almost like a plant growing up from the ground, but with the head as the root and the back as the stem.

Polarity of sex
All over nature we also see the division in male and female, one sex having the sexual organs going inwards or internalized the other having them going outwards or externalized. You could say that to create two sexes you need to separate one into two, again symmetrical with opposite qualities.

The polarity with the unconscious
Carl Gustav Jung explained the subconscious as having opposite sex. In the same way that modern physics says that the appearance of one particle is the disappearance of its opposite particle, you can perceive his explanation of puberty. As we become more man or woman the other side is getting less manifested. According to this the more masculine you are the more the female side disappears into the unconscious and opposite for being feminine. Getting aware of the unconscious is a unification of your male and female nature.

This polarity of the unconscious is not only a process regarding your masculine or feminine nature, it is a phenomenon for every aspect of the soul.

A person that is very responsible and takes control, subdues his needs and ability to be taken care of by others as he focus on taking care of others instead. The other way around a person focusing on how others can help him and take care of him forgets to develop his independent responsibility. The quality that comes forward comes forwards as the opposite quality disappears into the unconscious.

Archetypes of the soul
The whole world of the soul is full of such interesting polarities, polarities that define the path and challenges of each one of us as we go through life. This can be described as archetypes, each with a matching opposite archetype. Through my research of archetypes over the last 30 years I have explored and described this phenomenon and also had the pleasure to lecture about it in many different countries. I am developing access to this through online resources if you are interested you can follow my blog to get the info as it gets available.

Polarity in world views; finite – infinity
Let us look at the main polarity in world view, this is called ontology or epistemological position. You can divide people into realists and relativist. They could be described as the limited and unlimited world views.

The first ones believe in the finite. Life ends in the end. There is nothing more. Everything can be explained in finite components and finite combinations, with finite objective concepts. Science will in the end have all the important answers. The end! Finally finito.

The other group of people believe life is endless, not limited by this life or this planet. They believe there are endless things that cannot be explained but rather needs to be experienced to realize an inner knowledge. They might believe that their is an endless amount of experiences to experience into infinity for ever and ever!

This two groups are also symmetrically opposite. Let me explain through a geometrical example how this two positions can exist at the same time. Draw a circle as a symbol of the finite. If you make 6 circles inside the circle and 6 circles inside each of these and continue like that, you can continue into infinity. Both inwards and outwards you can continue endlessly. But at any step you also have a finite circle. This is a geometrical example of the play between the finite and infinite. Finite people look at matter and objects, infinite people look at process and energy.

It you take any final thing and look into it more and more on a smaller and smaller level you soon enough get into the realms of infinity.

Inside – outside
You can look outside yourself and their is a limit to what you can see, let us say a few kilometres if you are on the country-side. Close your eyes and look inwardly and you can imagine the whole universe and more. Or it is night and you see the endless sky but almost nothing around you. The balance between infinity and the finite, inside and outside is the same as spirit and matter. On the larger scale space connects all that exists, but on the smaller scale it separates everything so that nothing ever touches. On a smaller scale the distance between the subatomic particles makes nothing touch.

Here you see the connection that the outside external world is the limited and the internal world is the infinite.

Action and non-action in symmetries
Imagine a cube in front of you. Every time you close your eyes I turn it, but I turn it in a way that it still ends in the same angle. You might think it was never touched or moved and stood there still all the time. Thanks to the symmetry of the cube there are many changes and variations in sequence I can do that would end up looking the same and appear like it did not move.

Exchange the cube with a ball or sphere floating in the air. I could turn it in any direction and it still would look the same. I might even give it a spin without anybody being able to tell if it was rotating or standing still. This is due to the unique symmetry of the sphere. If it had a dot you might see it move with all kinds of motions, spiral rotations or circles. Without the dot all this movements would be unperceivable.

Imagine putting a red dot on one side and a similar green on the opposite side, you would be able to see if they were moving in zig zags or spirals or just making a circle.

But you could swoope the two dots without noticing. You could change many symmetrical opposite different shapes on its surface so fast between opposite sides that it would look like it still was without motion or change.

Can you imagine a universe being so symmetrical and unified, that it appears as a complete unity or sameness, that it appears as no change is happening a state of nothingness? A still stand of nothing that at the same time is so full of so many possible changes, activities and variations that it appears like our complex reality? Can you imagine that? I can. This is everything and nothing being the same thing.

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