Holonity – The clapping hands of God – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Imagine God having an inflatable ball between his hands and when the hands are put together it becomes smaller and smaller to finally disappear into nothing, but as the hands go apart a meta-verse of universes appears inside the same ball.
You could say as Gods hands go apart all the different manifestations in nature start to appear as the “The nothing” is ripped apart by the hands to create “The all”. God creates by taking “nothing” apart to create “something”.

Imagine then the hands getting together and everything again coming towards the unity of nothingness. God combines things to make them disappear into unity.
This is like God clapping hands with eons of eons of time between each clap. Creating Big Bang, Big Crunch, Big Bang and Big Crunch again and again!

Do you find it difficult to imagine that all manifested worlds can come from nothing? You know that if you boil water on a very high mountain it will boil before it reaches 100 degrees celcius and your cup of boiling tea will not be very hot. The temperature water boils at is where it transforms from liquid to gas. Up in the thin air, on a high mountain the atmosphere has less weight, making it less heavy, so its weight does not hold the water down, hence it easier evaporates or boils.

If you have a swimming pool inside a closed room and the room is completely sealed, but can still expand to become bigger and bigger, then the water in the pool will evaporate when the room becomes big enough. When you press the room together again the water will reappear as from nowhere. This is the same that happens when the cold morning air creates morning dew. The coldness makes the air contract and the contraction squeezes the water out of the air.

As the energy from the big bang gets spread out into a bigger and bigger space, it cools down. Energy condenses to gas, gas to fluids and a few places even to solids. When the early energetic universe starts to create suns also subatomic particles start to become atoms and as stars gets their planets that have gas we see more and more atoms combine into molecules finally as we get even cooler planets we also get fluids and solids.

If we again heat it up solids turn into fluids, then gas and finally plasma. This scale from matter to plasma is like returning towards the original hotter states of the earlier universe.

If you look at those four states of the universe (solid, fluid, gas and plasma) it is remarkable that as much as 99,999 % of the visible universe is plasma or energy. Only o,oo1 % is gas, fluids and solids. Still we live with the illusion of solids being the main thing.

We will now look at the separating hands of God from yet another perspective.

Imagine a gold bar that you cut in two, you can easily keep the two parts apart with your hands. It you heat it up to a fluid, we all know it is more difficult to separate a part of a fluid from the rest of it just with the hands. Heating it up even more into a gas, it becomes almost impossible. As plasma that could even go through your hands it is easy to understand it cannot be separated.

Using this analogy you can understand that as God separates his hands the whole state of the universe becomes separated as well as separable. As the hands come together and things return to plasma all is more and more interconnected and unified.

We just have to remember that 99.999% of the universe still is plasma. The universe is more connected than we can imagine. Everything is more connected than we can imagine. The distances in our solar system is an illusion as all the planets are entangled in their plasmatic pool. Even the distances in the galaxy are illusions as the whole galaxy is interconnected in its plasmatic field.

The separation of all we see around us is just an illusion, an exceptional state. As you become aware of everything being energies all starts to connect. Open yourself to the inter connection and let the magic happen now.


Skjermbilde 2016-09-16 kl. 23.38.03
The clapping hands of God

Nature is unfolding between the hands of God.

(Illustration from wikipedia – Artist’s logarithmic scale picture of the universe with Solar System in the pivot followed by planets, Kuiper veld, Oort cloud, Alpha Centauri, Persus Arm, Milky Way, Andromeda and close galaxies, Cosmic Web, Cosmic microwave radiatiin and Big Bangs invinsible plasma on the edge)


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