Holonity – The eye, a question of perspective – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Imagine you have to move from one place to another and only use one of your senses. Which would you use? You would not taste, touch or smell your way forward. You might use the ears in a few rare cases, but the best, quickest, and safest sense when you move around is vision.

Hence motion and vision are tightly connected. When life starts to move it must know something about its surroundings not to collide, fall off a cliff, walk into the mouth of your enemy or other dangers.

In the art of the old cultures pictures were flat. They had no perspective. With perspective in drawing you get depth. From flat to depth, space or 3D, from standing still to moving or outward going is tightly interconnected. (Here you can read more about moving about and the function of The Liver)

Your two eyes represent your ability to move about, to have a perspective of your surroundings, in the highest sense you could say that your worldview and how you move about in life is a question of perspective.

If you want to change where you are heading you should consider which change of perspective that would take. It all starts with a vision, an idea, or a goal. Truth is hidden in the eyes!


Beinsa Duono wrote: The eyes always must express the Divine Truth, and the only thing in us that never lies, are the eyes. The eyes must show the Divine Truth.

We also say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, they reflect you in a truthful way, your soul behind the outer mask comes out and forward through your eyes.

From a spiritual perspective where everything is awareness and matter is just a veil of illusions, the eyes can even be seen as the means of your spirit to act upon the external spiritual world or the awareness of others.

Like in the same meaning as in the bible when is says; GOD saw it was good or the LORD turn his face toward you or lifts up his countenance on you and give you peace.

Vision is not a receptive act in these examples. It is an outward going action of blessing, giving peace by re-connecting with the real thing the real truth, the real perspective.

The magic happens now!
Here you can read more about moving about and the function of The Liver
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This article was written by Andreas Bjørndal

There is a common theme in much that I do: • I love to be an active part of growing awareness, insight, inspiration and spreading a unifying knowledge. • I care for promoting health and development, creating improved harmony and unity within the individual as in their relation with their group. • I search for a unified understanding across seemingly unconnected areas of knowledge including perennial as well as scientific. • I have coined the term "holonistic knowledge" which I share in my blog: holonity.com • I write, blog, debate and teach around the world • I practice complementary therapies as homeopathy and acupuncture as well as counsel and supervise individuals, partners, couples and families to find the core theme in their lives and how they can resolve and master that. Feel free to contact me for questions or a consultation at my mail: andreas@nan.no Blog: https://holonity.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holonity https://www.facebook.com/kabbalahnorge


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