How 4 organic lemons make a difference – by Kristine Grün

Dear all,

I appologise my m.i.a. the past few months.

In April my world turned upside-down when I lost one of my younger brothers. And I watched my great philosophy of abundance, change and happiness fall heavily to the ground. No words can describe or explain the crisis that me and my family and everyone connected to him went through – so I am not going to try – at least not now. Maybe I am not ready. I hope I will find the courage one day.

Nonetheless, I am happy to be back in the forum of creativity with all of you and I hope to slowly find my way back to my  peaceful de-stressed self. Slowly getting back into writing certainly feels good. A very warm welcome to all new writers that I have not had the chance to welcome yet.

Life seems to get back to its ‘normal’ rythm. It is so weird. Really. But, good.

London is still treating me well and I still adore her for her life and carefree nature.

I recently moved flats (yes again). It is located closer to my work so it makes sence and gives me an hour more a day which is great. I miss the bohemian organic living of my former neighborhood though.. I cannot eat more tesco-food.. So today, when having a to-go-coffee with my flatmate as we walked down Brick Lane I mentioned my decreasing energy level caused by my unhappy-food intake. And just there, one corner further down the street, she shows me an amazing organic food shop! I was literally in food heaven. All of the sudden my grey Saturday mood turned bright and my smile was back.. It is amazing how four organic lemons can make a difference for me. The past few months my feelings/smell/touch/taste has been intensivly stronger.

And then I remember what my Dad recently said: it is about finding those things that make you happy.

This bag of organic food definitely made my day!! 🙂


And so it begins again..yet, it never really stopped. Life.

Happy summer everyone.


About author

This article was written by Kristine Grün

Who am I?: I am still trying to find out! A young academic from Denmark with a Master's in social economics and a warm heart for Africa. My every day is full of great joy and happiness, but also tons of frustration. I have recently lived in Zimbabwe, where I feel just as home amongst drums, soup kitchens and wild nature - as I do in the streets of Copenhagen. It was is life..journeys. Now I find myself in London - on another adventure, yet again.


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: August 1, 2015

    Loving life and organic lemons! It is amazing how everything falls right when our food is healthy. God Bless you and may you always know how much your presence brightens my day!

  2. Marie says - Posted: August 13, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing. It is fun to hear about your new endeavors and fresh organic lemons. May peace and love heal your heart.

  3. Andreas Bjørndal says - Posted: July 16, 2017

    So nice to have you back Kristine. A lemon a day keeps the doctor away 😉

    As life goes by those difficult hard times in our lives seems the times we grew most. The pain of the soul seems as those times we got closer to realize the eternity, the deep peace and that we never loose anybody. Times that inspired many artist.

    Grethe Risbjerg Thomsen also says it nicely in her poem:

    Perhaps a March night

    I´m dying just a little
    As time by seconds strife
    Within me death I carry
    Throughout the years of life.

    A night – perhaps a March night
    As mild as rain that pour
    Into the dark I´ll wander
    To die again no more.

    Måske en Marsnatt – translated by Andreas N. Bjørndal

    You could enjoy the original in your mother language – you might now it already 😉

    “Jeg dør en lille smule

    For hvert sekund der går

    Jeg bærer døden med meg

    Gjennom livets år.

    En natt, måske en marsnatt,

    Så mild av regn og tø

    Skal jeg gå bort i mørket

    Og holde opp at dø.”

  4. Kishan Takahashi says - Posted: August 1, 2017

    How lovely, it’s amazing how lemons change from acid to alkaline when inside your body !
    Thank you Kristine

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