How Diverse is Your Mosaic? by Holland Haiis


Take a peek into the tiny crevice in your life which allows for diversity. What does it look like? Is it surrounding yourself with those who only do what you want? Do you all look the same?  Agree on everything?Inside Top Holland

Those who live in the United States find themselves on the dawn of a new beginning. The Supreme Court has ruled gay marriage as a constitutional right. For some this is a long awaited blessing, while others have screamed this is a curse. So let’s take a step back for a moment, shall we?

If at any time in your life you have had some religious schooling, you might remember that you were taught to LOVE everyone, emphasis on EVERY-one. Basically, it’s the do unto others thing…you know. Treat everyone kindly, with respect, don’t judge, something about glass houses.  We have learned that hate and discrimination breed more hate and discrimination.

When I was in high school I had cystic acne. I was ridiculed and bullied because I was different, at least by high school standards. High school opinions matter in high school, until you grow up and realize they don’t. There were a few other kids who were also different and they were bullied as well. We were not considered normal, but we were worthy of kindness, respect, and being part of the mosaic.

Think of how much work goes into every mosaic. Each is different, and that is what makes a mosaic beautiful and unique, no two are alike. We do not have the right to destroy a mosaic merely because it does not fit our ideal. So how does your mosaic look?


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Hello, it is an honor to be part of a creative and collaborative community that shares in the interest of mental and spiritual well-being. As a Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach and Team Builder I work with clients on how-to find and follow their dreams, by connecting to boundaries, goals, thought, energy and play. Empowering people to Consciously Connect to their lives and well-being gives me inspiration! By facilitating workshops, speaking engagements and consulting with entrepreneurs and CEO's on how-to become leaders, it's all about empowerment--YOURS! Looking forward to engaging with many of you, sharing in the journey, and hearing your thoughts. Ready for the magic!!


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    • Holland Haiis says - Posted: August 13, 2015

      Thanks Kat! It’s always wonderful to get a conversation started as we all examine what diversity means for us.

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