How to Create Your Own Inner Healing Spa – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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 Inviting as it may seams to visit a spa to get into a medicinal bath, it always demands a journey to get there. It also involves a lot of mingling with other people as well. Lots of people are drawn into the experience or the believe this visit will improve their health. It often comes with a sauna, a massage salon.
 It gives us a sense of well-being, to get out of our busy daily life. On the other hand it is booming business as well. Spa and well-ness retreats in various combinations they offer to relax, get some attention as well.
 There are may examples of spa and well-ness in any culture all over the world. Going back in time the ancient mystic and temple orders all had the opportunity of using a spa for the benefit of people in need. To find a safe space and healing surroundings as well. The priestesses and priests of the Ancient Lemuria and Atlantis were also using the benefit of water as a guidance to release and heal stuck energy.
 Some of Greece’s famous philosophers wrote of the benefits of hydrotherapy, including Hippocrates and Plato. The ancient Greeks believed in the therapeutic benefits of hot bath and mineral waters. They even indulged in the practice in bathing in the ocean for medicinal uses.
 So, I have had the pleasure and privilege to visit some of the well-ness centers in my own country. They almost always are situated on parts of a wood, well and nature in order to create a sense of calmness as well connection with all our senses. The only thing I don’t like, and this is personal I know, is the amount of people that are all joined in together.
 For me, this is also pretty challenging, because I am so receptive of the energy people bring with them. Taking a sauna with other people, in the heat and sweating out the ballast is not always a relaxing event for me. In order to create something that was easier to access as well to use whenever I felt like it, I was gifted with my own sauna at home.
 I was fortunate to have one room for my own use, with my own books, my retreat so to speak. My own relax and meditation room. The Sauna cabin was placed in this room, which enabled me to make use of it, in my time, my own space and close to the shower as well. Creating this sacred space for myself, enabled me as well to release a lot of tension as well it was soothing and healing for my muscles as well.
 Cleaning up through the warmth of the sauna, it was a healing sensation that had its impact on my state of mind as well. It created a space in which I was on my own, meditating during the stay on what ever might came up. It provided a sacred space whenever I felt anxious, sad or out of balance.
 Now I know, not everyone is able to create a material spa surrounding. It may be the shower, or your bath that also will do the trick to assist in relaxation. To me the bath is also the space where I am able to dive in deeper into the layers that are enfolding themselves. Every time I got triggered by someone, what was been sad, or what had happened that affected me.
 I took time to either take a shower, a bath or making use of my own spa. Yet after my move into our apartment 2 years ago, I couldn’t bring the sauna cabin with me. Nor did I had my bath any longer. So I had to adjust. It required a different state of mind, or awareness actually in order to create my own sense of spa wellness within.
 If you are not able to make use of a bath, a shower, nor the facility of the sea or river, lake or what ever comes to mind. How to be able then to create this sense of relaxation, the inner source so to speak, the inner fire to warm things up. It springs from the heart. The source of feeling this way that was created by my physical sauna, was found within myself again.
This was an experience that was overwhelming as well, confirming. Through the love within for my own needs and pain, my sorrows and fears, this inner source was revealed again. In order to obtain access it required my focus and attention. It also felt like something I remembered somehow, from other times, other ways and other dimensions.
 Ancient knowledge that was gathered over the aeon of time came up to the surface again. Me-membering this inner knowing, brought also this inner spa to the surface again. I know how to relate to this and how to obtain the energy that normally was created through my sauna cabin, my shower and bath. I became able to create this inner safe space, what a wonderful word that is.
 It takes intent, focus and awareness of what springs to mind and heart. What will come up that wants to be addressed as well needs healing or comforting. Our tears are as healing as the spring water or the seawater for that matter.
 It’s healing to shed tears about the things that caused you pain and sorrow. Or whatever it is you feel that needs to be healed again. To get the sting out of the issue so to speak. It’s not without reason our tears are salty, our connection with the sea. Or that our body contains such a high percentage of water. So to let these waters flow inside, it needs the stuck energy, the blockage that prevents the energy to flow to the organs
 Transporting the oxygen through the veins, assisting you to breathe and spread your lungs for air. Those are the benefits you require normally from the sauna or hot springs. Yet through the conscious connection with your inner world, you regain access as well to your own inner hot spring. The source of all, a reflection of the Source that created all that is.
And so it will be
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Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra I have been working as a social worker in shelters for battered women, nursing homes, psychiatry and hospital for almost 20 years. I am a Social Worker specialized in Women’s therapy. This included the area of sexual, environmental, cultural as well religious trauma. I LOVE sharing wisdom, insights, and tools that are shared here to illuminate esoteric knowledge in simple and in down-to-earth terms that quickly make Mystical Masters out of anyone. My unique style I created a Heartfelt platform which is focusing on healing Self and has been created to inspire to change your life. It offers a place for you to grow your spirit . I can tune in and offer the necessary tools that are helpful in the journey we call live in order to grow and heal to become the best you can be. “I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” - Rumi I have been working with clients in the several different settings in my work over the years. I work most of all individual through counselling and chats. The main theme in working with groups are about the different roles we learned to play growing up. Healing of the Inner Child is one of the most important areas I am working on with the client. You can follow me on my Blog What is Love (link is external) for inspirational messages. Twitter (link is external)


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