How To Make God Laugh – By Devrah Laval

There are so many factors beyond the little personality/ego that we aren’t even aware of. We are part of a
great puzzle that has been designed by the Creator who knows the big picture, because ‘life’ has already been scripted. A flower can blossom with a beautiful scent, but no matter how great a gardener we are, we have no control over its blossoming. The blossoming is not our responsibility nor is it any of our business.

In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with thinking positive thoughts, holding an intention or focusing on being successful or creative. It ultimately doesn’t matter because when it is our time to live a different life or awaken to the truth, we will. This might be why many teachings exhort us to do our actions to the best of our ability, just not to be attached to the results, “fruits.” In a teaching video, Dr. Hew Len said, “holding an intention is nothing more than a clear premonition.” It couldn’t be any other way because what is ours will come to us, besides, it’s already happened and so you cannot manifest something that is not already yours.


In a video, I saw many years ago, Living, Loving and Aids, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross spoke about surrender. She realized that saying the words, “Not my will but thy will Lord,” in her prayers was not sufficient, and it was only after many years that she discovered the need for one more line to be added. “Not my time, but thy time Lord.” When we think that we should be somewhere, or doing something and even try to bend time to make these things happen, this is a common trap. It causes such stress and
guilt not only in the efforting and the striving but also in the self-judgments that are sure to follow should we not reach our goals within the timeframes we set. Dr. Ross’s example demonstrates the maturity and the wisdom that is gleaned from many years of experience. Complete surrendering of Will and Time.

When we step out of our Source, we will immediately feel guilty because we have placed our attention on the illusion, i.e. ideas and concepts, rather than on what we really are, pure Divinity. Thus, when we feel guilt or doubt, we can use it as a sign or a reminder to return to the surrender – to the state of peaceful oneness, remembering that we are in the arms of our Beloved and that it is, “None of our business,” why we are where we are.

All of our good ideas and dreams and intentions are useless if they are not aligned with what the Divine has scripted. There is a great line that says, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” We don’t truly know what we need to be experiencing in our lives – or when – and it may not look anything like what others seem to be experiencing but is perfect for you.

In therapy you are responsible for your deeds. In spirituality, all deeds are God’s deeds.
Student of Ramesh Balsekar.


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This article was written by Devrah Laval

Devrah brings a tremendous wealth of spiritual knowledge and wisdom to all of her work. After her initial enlightenment experience, which led to a miraculous healing, she devoted her life to integrating and studying with mystics, masters and gurus. Devrah has been guiding, inspiring and teaching many through her Best Selling Books, workshops and private counseling. Devrah’s work is focused on helping individuals to return to the truth of who they really are. Devrah’s great compassion and vulnerability are mixed with tremendous inner strength and deep conviction in the truth of who she is, and this sets her apart from those using simplistic positive sayings and innumerable concepts that everyone has heard but ultimately only serves to confuse and limit rather than free up and bring clarity. When she looks at another, she looks beyond the outer story, beyond the drama and beyond the outer persona’s and sees the essence, the truth of who we all are and relates with the individual on that level. Devrah’s profound and trans-formative work is suitable for the absolute beginner, who is seeking purpose, truth or self-realization, as well as seasoned seekers and teachers of teachers. Her work is non-denominational so there is never any concern about conflict with one’s current religion or path. She assists bringing greater clarity and understanding to all seekers of truth, so that we can reach the place where outer forms no longer define us. You are invited to explore and continue your journey with Devrah Laval, as she now makes herself available to all through her writings, workshops and private sessions.


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