How to perform Magic! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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What is the ABC of Magic? How do we perform magic?
Do you think magic is a fantasy only real in fairy tails?
As you start to learn from life and are getting wiser and full of care and love for others you might realize that fairy tails are full of secrets of life, principles that are explained in analogy.
From the fairy tails we learn that magic is spoken and magic is done with gestures. You can say Magic is closely linked to performance or manifestation of intentions.

You can live with the illusion that reality is a lump of matter. That it is a biological soup of “survival of the fittest”. Then you are limiting magic to accidents in history of evolution with creation of marvellous species.

Skjermbilde 2016-09-13 kl. 11.00.27You can also live with the perception of a flow of life in yourself, sensing your general wellbeing, listening to your system and how it reacts to things you do. With this perspective you start to choose things that strengthens you rather than deploying you. Then you will feel that life is a gift, a resource, something precious and valuable, that you can replenish with a good sleep, with a healthy meal, with spending time in nature. You will also from this perspective realise that life is about purity. Selecting the purest things to drink and eat and selecting the purest intentions is something you experience is giving you more life than choosing the opposite.

You can also live with the recognition that every though and feeling is spiritually real and has an impact on more than you. That thoughts and feelings are something that transcends yourself since it connects you in a particular way to the bigger reality you are a part of. Like you were swimming in a pool and the ripples around you are not only yours, but represent the exchange with your surroundings. From this perspective thought and feelings are rather currents flowing in and out of you. Your choice is to tune in and emit the right radio station.

Each of these steps of deeper realization and perception of reality makes you step by step understand and experience that words and gestures are Magic.

When you realize that your thought are like subtle actions, letters or sms´s that emit from you, you also understand how much stronger they become when you connect them with the right words and movements. If your thoughts, feelings and actions all go towards the same intention or goal, what ever you do becomes magical.

Every gesture, every feeling, every thought is a force and intention.

A magician not in the sense of an illusionist but in the sense of a magus a master is what you need to become to perform the most powerful magic.
Skjermbilde 2016-09-13 kl. 10.41.59
The old Egyptians used the hieroglyph of a basket (See illustration) to signify “master”, “lord” and “gold”. You could say it is a symbol of what qualities the soul contains or is holding in its basket. The qualities or virtues of your soul are what tells you the degree of mastery or lordship in you. If you are full of virtues you are a true master.

In the illustration we see the basket containing the three qualities of ankh, uas and djed. To the far left they are combined, in the far right you see them on the top of the basket in this sequence; uas, djed and ankh.

We take the last symbol on the basket first ankh which means life, in the middle we see the djed pillar which signifies stability and to the left uas a symbol for wellbeing and prosperity or power. A master (The basket) would hold within himsel life, he would stay in a stable state and he would have the ability to perform his power with his magic wand.

The magic wand is a vertical connection between heaven and earth. In reality the magic wand is like being online, it is the inner living link that a Master or Magus has establish between the world above and the world below, between heaven and earth between the inner and outer life.

To the degree you connect in an aware way to the inner world and are able to manifest it in coherently in gestures, feelings and thoughts you are a magician.

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