How You Treat Yourself is Mirrored in the Outside World – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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How you treat yourself is mirrored in the outside world

I chose to have the body of an Angel and the face of a clown. Nobody could see through my exterior to see the inner beauty I held. Or they fell in love with my body and it’s curves, lush and blooming or they detested me, calling me names and treating me harshly.

I chose to have this beautiful body and looking like a witch or a gnome. So I could learn the lessons that came with these experiences, to learn how exterior is no more important than the exterior and it’s in the eye of the beholder to see the beauty of both combined within the same, for the veil will be lifted and the beauty presented, once you let go of just looks.

And then I saw a picture where people were mocking and joking about ugly girls with beautiful bodies. It brought to mind my own experience and memory about the choice I ones made.

It’s all one and the same coin, only people don’t realize it. If you make fun at cost of someone else, you only show your own fear of being mocked or made fun off. Any actions or words you use to bring someone down, is only showing your own fear of vulnerability. So, how can we turn this mechanism around if they exist still subconsciously?

When do we become aware of the process that’s lying underneath any attempt to get more, to be more, to have more?

Is it through acknowledgement or is it through awareness and then acknowledgement? Or should you allow the sense of fear that is the root for this need of being more, having more, making fun off, be the bully so you will not be bullied?

It always is a personal, individual journey as well a team process. For in order to recognize you are just the flipside of the coin, you also realize you’re both in it together to make a unique change of heart.

We need each other to mirror and reflect and once we learn that imbalance is just the flipside of balance, as is worthy and feeling unworthy, shameless and ashamed, the victim and the aggressor, we can act on it to create an inner process to bring back in the ease, to bring back in the love that is blocked by fear, to soothe any experience that is the root cause.

Once you know you can change any situation by changing your perception and intention on the outcome by letting go of your own internal fear through love, you will have not only changed your present, you also have changed your past as well as the future.

You will never be able to go back to being ignorant, once you intent to be knowing of the wants and needs to change any outcome. And it has its immediate effect on anyone else you encounter, when you keep on exercising the way of love, instead of fear.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 29-7-201

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