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What are the two most powerful words you can say? Why are they so powerful? How do you know that, you ask.

Well my friend, I can only tell you what I’ve learned and then let you make the determination if it works for you.

If you choose to take these words to Heart, that means I’ve made a difference in someone’s life; if not then no harm done. It is my intention to present you with this information in the most caring, heart centered, appreciative way. Then you can make up your mind about how you feel.

So, let’s explore the first question or statement. The two words are “I am” as in “I am that I am“. These words have been an ancient source of comfort, knowledge and wisdom. They are said to be the name of God transcribed from the Hebrew Bible. This the name that Moses was given when he asked the name of the burning bush. It has its roots in many belief systems Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Baha’i faith to name a few. The shortened version,” I am “is the name of God or the Universe or Creator if you prefer. That is the historical reference to it and I would say, it’s all the same. So, let’s agree” I am” is the name of God. That, is the answer to the first question.

The second part or answer is these words are so powerful because when you include the name of God in a statement you are summoning the power of the Universe. You literally are including God in your words, like prayer.This is very powerful. So, when you say “I am happy” “I am strong” “I am prosperous and abundant,” the Universe responds by giving you more happiness, strength, abundance and prosperity.

When you say” I am sick””I am sad” ” I am poor,” the Universe gives you more illness, sadness and lack. You are using God’s name to bring these things into your world, perhaps you’re not even aware that you’re doing this, but it is so.

So, now we get to the third question or answer. How do you know this David? That is a very good question, let me tell you about my own experience and feelings on this subject. I like to try new things and test them out to see if they will work for me. It could be a belief, a theory, a style of meditation or an art form. The only way I could get a glimpse of understanding is to try it on for size and see if it works for me. So, I tried this in meditation and in daily life.
If I get up in the morning and say “I am having a good day” I will, for the most part, have a good day. If I get up and say “I’m having a crappy day” (which I don’t do anymore) then I will most likely have a crappy day. If I’m having a crappy moment in a good day I can bring my awareness to the moment and turn it around by saying “I am happy” or “I am having a good moment right now.”

It’s a habit I have cultivated and practiced over and over. One thing that I really enjoy doing after my morning meditation, are affirmations using “I am “in the statement. Here’s an example” I am living in heart centered awareness” or “I am living in gratitude and appreciation.” I would urge you to try this by using your own statement or affirmation beginning with “I am.” Also, bring your awareness to what you’re asking for and be careful what you ask for. You might get just that!

I am in gratitude and appreciation of your time and energy

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